(Clearwisdom.net) I have been using the Internet to clarify the truth to friends in China for six years. Many friends often contact me because they have listened to my voice files on the Internet. Some of these friends have learned that Falun Gong is not like what China's media has reported, and that this is a self cultivation practice with high xinxing requirements. Some of them have even started to learn Falun Gong.

Some days ago a middle-aged man I knew from the Internet asked me what I sent to him. At the time I was looking for my friend and wanted to send him one of Master's new articles. I explained to him what I was doing. Though he was not my classmate he still came to visit my website from the web link I had sent to him. He downloaded my voice files and the software to break through the Internet blockade. On the first day he asked me, "Is there any virus?" I said, "Guaranteed. No virus." He replied, "Ok, ok." We didn't chat much.

The next day he sent me a messagee; "How are you? How can I get Falun Dafa books?" I then sent him the electronic copy of the book Zhuan Falun and said to him in a voice mail, "Please remember to read chapter by chapter. Don't skip reading." He said, "I have listened to your voice file and have learned a bit about what you are doing. Let me have a look first."

Several days later he sent me messages and said he wanted to chat with me and tell me his situation. At the time I felt he was very serious and eager. So I called him. He said to me, "I want to tell you my situation so that we can communicate better - I am blind and make a living by massage." His words didn't sink into my mind and I replied simply, "Sorry, I didn't hear you clearly." He said, "I can't see anything. I am totally blind."

I had a doubt about this and thought that something wasn't right. When I sent him written messages, how could he reply without any problem? But I didn't interrupt him. He continued, "On the Internet in the past, I often received messages about Falun Gong and didn't have any thought of opening them. This time you said you were looking for your friend. I believe this was another kind of way to reach me. But I accepted this way. So I went to the website you provided and listened to some of the voice files. Not bad. Now I listen to your voice and know that this is your voice."

I listened attentively and raised my doubts to him, "How can see my written messages?" He said to me, "I will open one of the devices in my computer now. Can you please listen?" Instantly I heard a voice from his computer, "Hello, this voice comes from Xiao Hong (Little Red), little as in big and little, red as in the color red...." It was very hard to listen to the translation from the machine. He told me that he was used to it and this was how he communicated with others."

I think I must have been completely moved. It was very precious that under such difficult circumstances he still knew what he wanted. He was determined to learn Falun Dafa.

He told me, "Recently I have been very depressed, until I got this book Zhuan Falun. I am reading the chapter regarding Tianmu. I believe it is true. I was greatly moved and many of the things it talked about were in line with what I thought. I don't know why I learned all those things but I am very clear that I want to purify my heart! The only thing I want to do at the moment is to read the book seriously, not just once, but twice..." Though this was not the first time I had heard such words, I was nevertheless very moved.

I said to him, "It is very precious. Under such circumstances you still have such determination and know what you want. I am very moved." Through the voice mail, I heard him laugh loudly and heartily. I asked him, "Do you want Master Li's lecture tapes? And other..." He replied to me with smile: "No hurry. No hurry. I want them all. Ha, ha, ha..."

From there I talked about how I learned Falun Dafa and the changes I experienced. I asked him if he could understand me. He said to me, "I don't understand all of them. But I can feel a very sincere message. Now I have found what I want, but..."

Suddenly there was no laugh and the atmosphere became heavy. I asked him what was wrong. He said to me, "I cannot see. How can I learn Falun Gong?" Instantly it seemed that I saw an innocent child suddenly lose his smile. I said, "I am not able to go to China to see you. Otherwise I would definitely teach you to do the exercises. What shall we do then?" I was lost in thought as well.

He said, "I believe that you have the heart to help me learn." Suddenly I had an idea, "Yes, we have the book The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa. There are explanations of the movements. Can you learn the movements through the translation machine? If you have any questions, I will certainly help you."

"That's great." He said, "Please send it to me. Please send this to me first. Wait, I have to set up a folder, just a minute..." This time I could feel that he was more eager than me.

I told him that I was very happy today. Though the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecutes Falun Gong and doesn't let people practice, predestined people will not be missed. He was very happy too. I asked him if he was ready, if he was ready to accept Chapter I, then Chapters II and III, until I succeeded in sending him the whole book.