(Clearwisdom.net) For a long time, an assistant and I have been having different understandings, and it has interfered with our Dafa work and coordination. It has been indeed a hard lesson.

Deep in my thoughts, I believe that exposing and shocking the evil is the best way to stop evildoers from committing bad deeds. Therefore I have been focusing on posting and distributing more truth-clarifying materials, and I have not been focusing on face-to-face truth-clarification. However, the older assistant and the practitioners around her have been going out every morning to clarify the truth and advise people to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. Every afternoon they study the Fa together and share their understandings. As a result, many people have withdrawn from the CCP's organizations based on their advice.

Compared with this practitioner, the number of people I have convinced to withdraw from the CCP's organizations is pitifully small. My state of Fa-study is not as good as hers. I have also been holding on to an old notion that she likes to pick on others, and that her understanding is biased, but every day she is making extremely rapid progress in the Fa. How can I judge her using my old notions?

When I think of a fellow practitioner with this kind of stubborn notion, a gap forms in another dimension. The evil elements then take advantage of the gap and find ways to create conflicts among us. Meanwhile, I have not awakened, and I am still stubbornly attached to my own ego. I always want to change others instead of myself. Consequently, the conflict has become acute, even to the point of dragging more people into it. I did not catch up with my Fa-study and my xinxing did not elevate in time. As a result of this, we have not been able to coordinate as one whole body for a long time, and this in turn has affected Dafa work.

Seeing that we had such a big loophole in our one body, the evil elements threatened different work units so they would pay a return visit to Falun Dafa practitioners, and they also sentenced practitioners who were being detained illegally. Facing such a severe circumstance, I must confront my own problem and eliminate my attachment to myself and to validating myself. I should look at fellow practitioners' strengths more and look at their shortcomings less or not at all. I believe every practitioner's attachments will be quickly cultivated away under Teacher's arrangement. When we see a fellow practitioner with an attachment, we should point it out to him kindly, and we should never criticize him behind his back. Even less we should form small cliques, thus providing living space for the evil elements.

As a matter of fact, exposing the evil, and face-to-face truth-clarification complement each other and should be carried out simultaneously. They do not conflict with each other. Let Falun Dafa practitioners form an indestructible unified body and replenish and harmonize each other. Let's treasure this opportunity of being here as fellow practitioners. Let us stand hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, forming an indestructible entity to fulfill our prehistoric vows, and make Teacher smile.

The above is my personal understanding. Fellow practitioners, please kindly correct me if there is anything improper.