(Clearwisdom.net) As practitioners, should we position ourselves in the Fa or in human society? The answer is obvious: we all know that we should position ourselves in the Fa. But looking back over the past dozen years or so, how often did we actually do that?

As we have worked to stop the persecution during the last eight years, how much have we suffered? Words cannot begin to describe it. How many things did we do that we shouldn't have done? It would be too shameful to admit. Why have we experienced such a huge loss? The primary reason is that we did not position ourselves in the Fa.

Fa-rectification is now at a new stage. The past is over, and there is only a little time left. In addition, there are countless people waiting for us to save them. Accomplishing this goal is key.

How can we do things well in this last stage of the Fa-rectification period? I believe we must do the following:

First, we should let all burdens go. The past is over, whether good or bad, but opportunities still remain. Practitioners who have done well will need to do even better. Practitioners who have not done well will need to renew their efforts.

Second, we should position ourselves in the Fa completely, paying attention to our every thought and notion to see whether they meet the Fa's standard. We must dissolve ourselves in the Fa.

Third, we should clarify the truth to whomever we can, every hour of every day. Rather than being afraid of this or concerned about that, we should think and act as practitioners.

Today's people are awakening, and they are also waiting to be saved. Some do not understand us because of the environment planned by the old forces. But today's people cannot walk into the future alone. We are the only ones who can pave the way for them. Whether or not we can fulfill our historic responsibilities depends on what we can accomplish today. It depends on whether we can position ourselves completely in Fa, which is the standard required by Master: to be compassionate to all sentient beings.