(Clearwisdom.net) Hello everyone. I am from Miaosu, Taiwan. I would like to share about removing human notions and validating Dafa.

I am a grade nine student in junior high school. My xinxing tests are mostly on how to balance between course study and validating Dafa. Two-thirds of my time is spent in school each day. Perhaps because I am a Dafa practitioner, the teacher always assigns multifarious things to me, not only making me need to prepare for exams, but also keeping me busy in all kinds of contests in the school; therefore, my time is very tight. But I always have one thing in my heart which is mandatory, and that is to accomplish the mission of being a Dafa disciple.

There is no one to push you in cultivation. It all depends on how you control your heart, and on the degree of faith in Dafa and in Master and that you can completely remove your attachments. Only when you ignore studying the Fa will your heart be easily moved by human notions. In this state, the course work and tasks assigned by the teacher may need twice the time than normal and may not be done well; however, when I have strong righteous thoughts and put Dafa first, I still have time to do other things after I finish doing Dafa work. Master will give me wisdom to do things better and I will also have good scores for my exams.

Since I went to Hong Kong for the first time a few years ago, it has become a place that I go to frequently. Perhaps because of my prehistoric vow, every time I went to Hong Kong there were important tasks to do. Recently, I took part in the human rights holy fire parade in Hong Hong. On the way to Hong Kong, I sent righteous thoughts whenever I had time, to clear the evil factors preventing me from validating the Fa in Hong Kong. It turned out that I had a sacred task, since a fellow practitioner who played cymbals for the waist-drum team did not come, I was there to replace her. I felt tired after traveling originally, however when I heard the thundering drums of the New Tang Dynasty Flag Team, I felt energetic right away. I was in high spirits all day, thanks to Master's arrangement.

I was also involved in the July 1 deportation incident. On the way to Hong Kong I heard that some practitioners were deported. I was also blocked when entering customs, maybe because I had a human mentality. In the detention room, I couldn't help shivering. But my thoughts kept denying the interference from the old forces. When I was forced to board the plane, fellow practitioners told the airplane police that they would come back to Hong Kong again. After arriving in Taiwan, we received the schedule for going to Hong Kong the next time. Mom and I registered to go.

Master's new article emphasized saving more sentient beings. Every time I went to parades in Hong Kong I could see tons of people surrounding the streets. Some people from mainland China were astonished, earnestly wanting to know the truth, it is same at the tourist sites. The CCP's evil root has been pulled out, and what's left is the opportunity for Dafa disciples to establish mighty virtue and remove the last remnant of the human mentality.

The above is my brief sharing. Please point out my shortcomings with compassion.