(Clearwisdom.net) As the 17th Chinese Communist Party National Congress began, Ningxia 610 Office agents reopened a brainwashing facility that had been closed for more than three years. To enable the authorities to arrest Falun Dafa practitioners, they resorted to the most despicable and sinister means.

During September and October, Nianxia 610 Office agents, together with local Public Security officers and the Street Residents' Committee personnel, resorted to fraud, coercion, threats and other outrageous means to arrest Yinchuan City practitioners Ms. Xin Linyuan, Ms. Si Yurong and others. Ms. Shan Jining was also sent to the brainwashing center fifteen days before her illegal prison term was finished. Linwu City practitioner Ms. Dai Yuzhen, who was scheduled to be released on September 26 after serving three years in jail, was also sent to the brainwashing center along with practitioner Xie Xiaona.

Mr. Ma Zhiwu, whose persecution and illegal imprisonment was widely reported and exposed on the Clearwisdom website, has also been transferred to the facility. Mr. Ma worked for the Ningxia Railroad Sub-bureau. He was arrested and sentenced to 8 years in prison. At 8 a.m. on November 7, in anticipation of his release from prison, his parents, family, and eight-year-old daughter waited after traveling a long way to welcome him. They waited patiently at the gate to the Wuzhong Prison in Ningxia to take him home, only to be informed that the public security bureau had already taken him away. When asked his whereabouts, the prison warden Yin Zineng declared that there is a policy that stipulates that the public security bureau has the authority to take custody of the person on their release. He refused to disclose where Mr. Ma was taken, or who took him. In the end, the family discovered that the 610 Office agents plotted with officers of Xihuayuan Police Station in Xixia District, Yinchuan City to secretly take Mr. Ma on November 6 at midnight and transfer him to the Ningxia Brainwashing Center.

Practitioners Mr. Ma Zhiwu and Mr. Zheng Yongxin were sentenced to six years in Guyuan Prison. They began hunger strikes to protest their imprisonment and persecution. Because of the tremendous pain and grief caused by nearly 8 years of persecution, Mr. Zheng's family was broken up. On November 11, the date of his release, his family traveled more than 300 km to the Guyuan Prison gate to await his release early in the morning. To their great disappointment, they saw a 610 Office police vehicle drive quickly past them, not allowing them to even speak to Mr. Zheng. It was later learned that several armed guards were assigned to force him into the car.

Related names, phone numbers and organizations involved in this persecution:

Ningxia Brainwashing Center: 86-951-5060205, 86-951-5060207, 86-951-5060208, 86-951-5060209, 86-951-5060210, 86-951-5060211
Ningxia 610 Office Assistant Ddirector, Yao Yingli: 13369581188 (Cell)
Ningxia Brainwashing Center Administrator, Yang Yinsheng: 86-951-5060206 (Office), 86-951-6713788 (Home), 86-13369581188 (Cell)