(Clearwisdom.net) In the limited time we have to save sentient beings, as a Dafa disciple in the Fa-rectification period, how to better harmonize with Master's requirements and save more sentient beings is the most major task placed in front of every one of us. In order to treasure this long-awaited opportunity, we should make full use of this time to do well the Three Things, build mighty virtue, and not leave behind any regrets. Then, when the truth is revealed, every one of us Dafa disciples can say truthfully in our hearts, "I've done all I could."

Through studying the Fa, we have come to understand the true meaning of life and have also understood that personal cultivation and consummation is not our goal--saving sentient beings is what we vowed to come here to do. Therefore, Master has told us the Fa principle of how important saving sentient beings is. How we, as Dafa disciples, can harmonize with Master's requirements is the key, an also a validation of how strong our belief in the Fa-rectification is.

Saving Sentient Beings Is Every Dafa Disciples' Historic Responsibility

In the process of truth clarification, what strikes me the most is how sentient beings, manipulated by the lies and poison, are totally unaware of the danger they face. Only by treasuring someone else's life as our own can we truly devote ourselves to saving them. This is the historic responsibility of every Dafa disciple. If we do not use our hearts to truly save people, one of the frequent manifestations is that it becomes a formality without substance, we cannot achieve full efficiency in saving people. After the publication of Master's "Hurry Up and Tell Them," I realized the urgency and solemnity of clarifying the truth and began truly devoting myself and my heart to clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings. I began by distributing large amounts of truth-clarification materials as I tried to think of more efficient ways to save people. Every time I had a such a thought, Master would open up my wisdom and allow me to think of more efficient methods.

In order to help sentient beings become interested to learn the truth and treasure the truth-clarification materials, I began to write truth-clarification letters by hand and explain the truth face-to-face before handing out flyers, so that the flyers could have a greater effect. I would talk to anyone I met and use all possible means to explain the truth of Dafa to the world's people and help countless people understand the truth of the persecution. After a truth-clarification materials production site was destroyed, I decided I wanted to become a distributor of materials. I bought a photocopier, but the police followed me, broke into my house, and sent me to a forced labor camp. Looking inside, I realized this was caused by the attachment to building mighty virtue and not fully negating the old forces' arrangements. It was because of this attachment that the evil was able to manipulate me and create this unforgettable lesson.

After the persecution in the labor camp ended, I spent some time re-adjusting. Then I slowly began to catch up with Fa-rectification, from not understanding the "Three Withdrawals" (withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party and/or its two affiliated organizations, the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers) to beginning to realize how important it is. I quickly began to encourage people to declare their "Three Withdrawals." In the process, I thought deeply about what, precisely, to say so that the person would understand the truth and declare his or her "Three Withdrawals" efficiently.

In order to help more practitioners step forward, I would always bring along practitioners who wanted to learn how to clarify the truth and help them learn how. Whenever there is a study group nearby that needs someone to share their experiences of clarifying the truth, I always go. Through sharing, I have helped many practitioners overcome their reservations and learn more efficient methods of saving people and also strengthen their confidence.

A young engineering manager at a construction site who has quit the Party and its affiliated organizations was very shocked after seeing truth-clarification materials and DVDs. The second time he saw me, he said, "If I had not seen this and watched this, I would never have known so many things." He told me that his projects are distributed all over the place, and he would bring the VCD to each site and show it to his employees so that they could all understand the truth. In our chat I realized that this young man really wanted to read Zhuan Falun. I gave him a set of books, lecture and exercise videos, and helped him obtain the Fa.

When I realized that there was a place where he could play videos in one of the work tents, I always brought videos for them whenever I had new ones. The civilian workers were all very agitated after seeing the videos and sometimes they stayed up until late at night to watch them. They told me that after dinner they had nothing to do except talk about the persecution of Falun Gong. They didn't feel tired even if they did not sleep that night. One civilian worker told me, "Now, I don't believe in anything except 'Falun Dafa is good!', 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is Good!.'" Later I lent them Master's Fa-lecture videos, and the result was even better. They said that video was much better than all the truth-clarification videos I had given them before, because it gave them a chance to hear the Buddha Fa.

After clarifying the truth and helping them declare their resignations from the Party, I told them about the importance of helping everyone to be saved. They realized that this is a very important issue and understood the urgency of the problem. I asked if anyone of them also had the wish to save more people, and offered to give them materials. Two of them told me that they were very willing to help. I gave them enough materials according to their needs, and told them how to declare the "Three Withdrawals." They recorded the procedure carefully. Whenever I was at the work site, they invited me to join them for lunch or dinner and asked me to tell them more about Dafa. I agreed. When I sat among them, they were as happy as if it were a New Year celebration. They sat down in two rows like elementary school kids to listen. I was touched by their honesty and straightforwardness. I felt that they were very likable. They said, "We're so fortunate. If we had not been sent to work here, we would not have heard such big news. Our lives are now secure. What great forture! We will leave in only a few more days." They also told me that they wanted to learn Falun Gong. Therefore, before they left, I gave an entire set of books and video discs to each and every one of them, so that they can bring Falun Gong back to their villages. They were very happy and said that they'll definitely treasure these materials.

In clarifying the truth, it is best to just be natural, just like you're chatting with your friends and to behave as if there's no difference between you. Once I was clarifying the truth to three young men in a restaurant. They invited me to sit beside them and talk, so I agreed. They listened to me as they ate. In the end, all three of them declared their withdrawals from the Party and also learned the truth about Falun Dafa. One of the young men said, "Auntie, you know what? I've actually been approached by other people before, but I didn't listen. It's because I met you today. I would not have withdrawn if it was anyone else." I said, "It looks like we have a strong predestined relationship." Before I left, they kept trying to make me stay. They told me that the three of them eat there very often and invited me to come visit them anytime. I said, "Yes, I definitely will."

There is a very wide area available for truth-clarification. As long as we carry one thought in our hearts--to save sentient beings--instead of all kinds of human notions and thoughts, the effect will be very natural and good, confident and joyful. I feel that Master is constantly protecting disciples. There were many times when Master's hints helped me overcome trouble. When my enlightenment quality is not up to standard, I suffer from carelessness or irrationality, from which I would learn my lesson to be more rational and careful in the future.

The Process of Truth Clarification Is a Process of Cultivation

The process of truth clarification is, in fact, a process of cultivation itself. In this process, I have cultivated away many human notions, including anxiety, attachment to pursuit, attachment to wanting more and bigger and better, showing off, being overjoyed, grudges, grievances, accomplishments, etc. I realized that Master asking us to step forward to clarify the truth is not simply to save sentient beings, but is also an opportunity to cultivate away many of our deeply hidden attachments. It is for our own cultivation and improvement. Everything is done for ourselves and no one else. However much we put in is however much we will receive. What other reasons and excuses do we have for refusing to step forward? I also enlightened to the fact that stepping forward is just like going out on a period of wandering. Everything from humiliation, verbal abuse, other people's misunderstandings, persuasion, reports to the authorities, and police tactics are all attacking our hearts. As of today, I feel that I have become more mature. Before, everything seemed to affect me, but now, I can face external interferences and not be moved. I've become more rational and have more wisdom than I did in the past. I most deeply thank Master for doing so much for us by arranging every step of our cultivation.

We distribute rather large amounts of truth-clarification materials. With fellow practitioners' coordination, none of us are afraid of hardship. In urgent situations, we respond to anyone's request. We've helped many sentient beings understand the truth, displaying our cultivation level by taking hardship as joy and our united heart to saving people. We've also seen the strength of our united body. By coordinating well and cooperating as one body, we have been able to save a stream of sentient beings. As long as our xinxing is up to standard, Master will open up our wisdom to help us understand how to better, faster, and more deeply and broadly save sentient beings. From a single person to an organization, to a person bringing the truth to many villages and towns, we've helped spread the truth of Dafa further and further.

In doing well the "Three Things", my xinxing has improved in many ways, and I have begun to understand the importance of true cultivation even more deeply. When I find that practitioners fall behind in studying the Fa or in cultivation, I share with them in a timely manner and remind them that they should not simply regard doing work for Dafa as cultivation. Some practitioners treat the number of people saved and amount of work accomplished as a yardstick for measuring diligence, instead of looking at their xinxing. In the end, xinxing is the only yardstick for measuring one's level. Through sharing, we came to see many misunderstandings and were able to integrate true cultivation into the Three Things. We were able to avoid doing things for the sake of doing them, understanding the difference between an ordinary person and a cultivator doing Dafa work. A cultivator cannot simply wish for good returns. We helped many practitioners with xinxing problems recognize their problems and rectify their cultivation path, and this helped us improve as a whole body. In the process of cultivation, we have truly cultivated solemnly, harmonized with Master's requirements, followed the progress of Fa-rectification, and not let down sentient beings' wish to be saved.