Cultivating to Achieve the State of Being Unmoved

Urging people to quit from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a good process of cultivation, but also a hard one. At the beginning, when people insulted me when I called them, my heart was affected. Later, no matter what they said or whether they quit the CCP or not, my heart was not affected. I only thought of their futures, and now I can remain unaffected in my heart during the vast majority of the calls. I feel that however much effort I put in, Teacher will remove the same amount of bad things from me and the people I call.

I am not the most eloquent person, but I feel that urging people to quit the CCP has nothing to do with one's eloquence. I have realized that Teacher gave me the wisdom to do this, and I'm able to respond well to people's questions.

Making Phone Calls to My Hometown

I called schools and police stations in my hometown. At first I asked them for their fax number, so I could fax some material on quitting the CCP to them. Some people received my phone calls and talked with me, but did not feel comfortable withdrawing at work, for fear of being overhead. Those who had their own offices were much more open to withdrawing from the CCP, and some of them did.

Some people refused to listen to me or hung up after a while. I called back these people to try again. Many of them went from being hostile to gradually understanding the truth.

There was one school that had several administrators who took my call. At first they all verbally abused me, but after I faxed material to them and then followed up with a call, one of them told me, "We've read what you sent over, and we understand now." I gave him the number of the hot-line for withdrawing from the CCP.

Helping People to Quit with Their Names

For those who agree to quit the CCP, I generally do not encourage them to use an alias. In my hometown, most residents' names have three characters. Most of them agreed to give me their family name plus one of the two other characters. Some simply gave me all three. For the small number of people who didn't want to use their real names at all, I helped them come up with an alias.

Quitting the CCP is a Serious Issue and We Cannot Make Decisions for Others

Some people agreed to quit the CCP organizations, and then asked me to quit for their families. I told them that this is a serious issue and that I can only do so with their family members' agreement. Each person is watched over by divine beings, and only when people agree to quit on their own initiative will the evil elements within them be removed. I asked them to seek permission from their family members first. For example, one person agreed to quit the CCP, but his daughter who works in the town government office refused. He insisted that I quit for his daughter, but I told him that I couldn't do that. He agreed to hold on to the hot-line number and gradually persuade his daughter to quit the CCP.

Maintaining Confidentiality

An officer in a police station asked me whether his director had quit from the CCP. I told him that I couldn't divulge that confidential information. He then told me that it was that director who suggested that he quit the CCP. Some have asked me how many people have quit in their workplace, and I told them, "I can't give you that information. You should make the decision based on your own judgment."

"Who Will Assume Power When the CCP Collapses?"

When people ask the above question, I answer, "Although morality in China has deteriorated, the Chinese people are not bad. They are just being controlled by the evil spirit of the CCP. If everyone quits, our country will be saved. I imagine that everyone would still have their own posts as long as they have withdrawn from the CCP."

"The CCP Is Not So Bad"

People sometimes mention some benefits that the CCP has implemented during the last few years as evidence of things improving. I tell them how I live outside of China, and it's apparent that the CCP is just dangling some benefits to keep people fooled, and in reality they are still much worse off than people in other countries. For example, why is Hong Kong so insistent on keeping its government and laws separate from the Mainland?

Remembering to Clarify the Truth

For someone to have a good future, it's best that they understand the goodness of Dafa in addition to withdrawing from the CCP. So when I make a phone call, I talk about the persecution of Falun Dafa and the organ harvesting. I tell them to remember that Falun Dafa is good and not to believe the CCP's slanderous propaganda.