(Clearwisdom.net) My mother's belief in Buddhism made me very respectful to Buddha and immortals since my childhood. When my husband passed away, I decided to begin my spiritual journey. I paid homage to and burned incense at temples everywhere, and learned many different kinds of qigong. I also applied for a membership card in the Qigong Research Association.

On a day in May 1994, the Qigong Research Association notified me that a Falun Gong lecture was to be held in Chengdu. I registered right away.

The address of the conference was Eight-Two Mailbox. That morning, I asked people the direction to the Eight-Two Mailbox along the way. I saw many people from out of town, with luggage on their backs, doing the same thing. Among them was an elderly couple in their fifties from Chongqing, who had arrived the previous day by train and stayed in a hotel overnight. There were over a hundred people from Guiyang who took days off from their work. Some of them had just arrived at 6 o'clock that morning; some had arrived the previous day. There was also one who came from Hong Kong.

The auditorium at Eight-Two Mailbox was very big, with a seating capacity of over three thousand people. In front of it was a square, where several Fa-promoting activities were held later on. After the video tape of Teacher's lecture was published, the head office held an eight-day Fa-studying class here showing the video.

Teacher was already there when I walked into the auditorium. Teacher appeared very young. He spoke for two hours of things which were different from those in all other qigong masters' talks. All other qigong masters always boasted about how great they were, while all Teacher talked about in the two hours was how to become a better person. Becoming aware of the meaning of being a human being, I was strongly shaken. I felt powerful energy swirling on my palm when Teacher asked us to stretch out our hand to feel the Falun rotating. Not until after the lecture ended did I learn that there was to be an eight-day lecture series. I registered for it immediately.

On May 29, 1994, a Fa lecture series was held in Chengdu in the auditorium of the visitor's quarters of the Electricity Bureau located in Niuwangmiao. Over one thousand people attended. To make it easy for those who worked during the day, Teacher arranged to have the class held in the evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Teacher always arrived at the auditorium early. After the lecture, Teacher would patiently answer practitioners' questions. I saw that Teacher was very nice and pleasant, dressed in a white shirt. He never wasted time talking about useless things. Without a single introductory sentence he would say, "Now let's begin." He would not even take a sip of water throughout the lecture. Teacher taught us the most profound principles in the simplest language. I was enthralled by the vast and profound principles; I finally understood the purpose of life. My philosophy toward life and my views of the cosmos all underwent dramatic changes.

After the lecture, the exercises were taught. A disciple who had been traveling around with Teacher demonstrated the exercises while Teacher circled around in the auditorium correcting practitioners' movements, not leaving any practitioner behind, including those at the corners of the room. When I was learning to do the hand gestures in the sitting exercise, Teacher walked over to me and personally corrected my movements. I immediately felt a warm current circulating through my whole body. I was filled with immeasurable happiness and warmth of heart.

I saw that everyone in the lecture hall had a shadow both in the front and in the back, and a light-column shadow over the head. The shadows moved with him or her when he or she moved. I could only see it in the lecture hall, but not outside or at other places. When Teacher asked who saw things at the time when he was opening everyone's celestial eye, I raised my hand too. I learned only then that those shadows were views in other dimensions seen with one's celestial eye.

Some practitioners requested to have pictures taken with Teacher. Teacher agreed. It was a big crowd, so we divided into a score of groups, and took turns having our pictures taken with Teacher. It was a very hot day. Teacher wore a kind smile and patiently had pictures taken with each group.

On the eighth and last day, Teacher spent half a day answering questions, and also performed special hand gestures for the practitioners. After the lecture, many practitioners gathered around the podium and asked Teacher questions. I badly wanted to go up and heshi to Teacher and thank Teacher. But seeing that he was so tied-up and worked so hard I felt that I should not disturb him. I could not help weeping while I watched Teacher from a distance and silently thanked him for saving me.

Recalling this experience, I feel that it was just too precious and fortunate for me to be able to see Teacher and listen to his lectures every day for eight days.

Later, like thousands and thousands of Dafa disciples, I passed through a very difficult period of time while under attack for refusing to give up cultivating in Dafa. After being illegally put in a forced labor camp for two-and-a-half years, I was put in a brainwashing center and endured different kinds of savage tortures. But even in those darkest days, I was able to feel Teacher's immense benevolence and felt the immeasurable honor of being able to become a Dafa disciple in the Fa-rectification period.