(Clearwisdom.net) I had a special experience when sending forth righteous thoughts with several fellow practitioners in front of the Chinese embassy.

I saw a rotten spooky black monster. It was about ten to fifteen meters high and as big as a house. It came out of the embassy and over to the practitioners. It wanted to trample us, but was unable to approach, since our energy potency was much higher than it's was. From the microcosmic perspective, its body was composed of tiny spirits the same as itself. The practitioners were sitting under light, and it was shrouded in black shadow. Although it was very big, it was still nothing.

It was very ugly and terrifying but I was not afraid at all. I knew that it possessed little ability when facing our mighty energy potency. When following the righteous Fa, all evil will be suppressed.

As I continued to send forth righteous thoughts, I saw there were big holes all over the monster. After several minutes, we completely destroyed it. I kept on searching for rotten ghosts without success. Afterwards, I put all evil ghosts I could think of, along with meddling deities that interfere with the Fa rectification, all evil ghosts in the detention centers where practitioners were detained in mainland China, the evil specter of the CCP, the dark minions and rotten ghosts of the old forces, and the higher beings that launched the persecution, into one box.

I then focused my attention on sending righteous thoughts towards the box. I had a feeling that my body was as huge as a planet and the Earth looked like a tiny tennis ball, floating inside my lotus palms. I kept on sending forth righteous thoughts. Through a telescope, I saw a few remaining evil beings. I thought we would be able to eliminate them all, given more time.

After sending forth righteous thoughts, I felt extremely relaxed. The energy field around me was very strong.

In summary, I think we should understand the mighty power of the Fa when sending forth righteous thoughts. Each of us is a particle of the Fa. We should be self-confident and have faith in the mighty power of righteous thoughts and our abilities to eliminate all evil that interferes with the Fa rectification of the cosmos.

September 28, 2007