(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Geng Jianhua of Shanghai, in her 50's, planned to leave for Shandong Province on September 26 to visit her mother of over 80 years old. When Ms. Geng's husband, Mr. Lu Jingquan, was about to send her off, policemen from Weifang Police Station of Pudong District illegally broke into their home and abducted the couple. No one knows their whereabouts since then.

Several people from the Weifang Community Committee were also involved in the abduction. Mr. Lu and Ms. Geng live at Room 602, #65, 370 Long, Zhangyang Road in Pudong District. They had wrongfully been sent to a forced labor camp for two years in 2001 and were detained in the women's and men's forced labor camps in Qinpu District of Shanghai, where they were severely tortured. Ms. Geng lost consciousness after being hung up by her cuffed hands for 17 hours in the women's camp. Afterwards, one of her hands was disabled. In order to cover up the torture, the guards illegally extended her detention for two months before releasing her.

The husband and wife have again been illegally arrested since their release.

During the "October 1 Celebration" period, the officials in the Shanghai area intensified the persecution of Dafa practitioners. They have used a variety of methods to watch, disturb and persecute Dafa practitioners. The police, security assistants or personnel from the community committees were stationed at the front doors of practitioners' homes and watched them 24 hours a day. They closely followed practitioners when they went to work, grocery shopping or even dumped garbage. They used this kind of surveillance to disturb the practitioners' day-to-day life.

On some practitioners' doors they had stationed community committee personnel for a long period of time. These personnel followed the practitioners wherever they went, even when the practitioners went to visit their relatives and friends. The stalkers said that they were made to do this and had no other choice. Suspicious cars were often parked in front of the practitioners' homes, with people sitting inside the cars watching the practitioners and people going in and out of their homes.

The following are parties in Pudong District involved in the persecution:

Pudong New District Detention Centre: 86-21-50614567 (general line)
Shanghai Pudong Weifang Police Station: 86-21-58305370
Shanghai Pudong Inspection Bureau: 86-21-50705021
Pudong New District Police Bureau: 21-50614567 (general line, press 0 for operator)

September 29, 2007