(Clearwisdom.net) After I was released from prison, I came back to my fellow practitioners and fortunately came across the book, "Remembering Master's Grace". I was moved to tears many times. How much I missed Master! I missed Master more, particularly when I was in prison. While in the middle of the tribulation I wrote this article to share with my fellow practitioners about the precious chance I had to meet Master and the miracles I witnessed.

  1. I Go to Fangzixuan

I am a veteran practitioner. I began to practice Falun Dafa in June 1996. Before, I had many illnesses and was very weak. My health conditions made my depression worse and no medical treatment was able to relieve the symptoms. One week after I started to practice, my body was purified, free from any diseases. I felt free from any worries, my world outlook had changed. I exclaimed: "Falun Dafa is great! Master is so merciful!" I regret not having met Dafa earlier. I envied other practitioners, thinking they were able to meet Master many times, able to listen to Master's lecture in person, able to follow his class series. I regretted not paying close attention to the announcement of Master's class. I cannot tell you how remorseful I felt after I learned that Master had been to our facility to hold classes. I missed many chances. Then Master stopped teaching classes in China for over a year. Would I still have chance to meet Master? In order to make up the sense of loss, I borrowed audio tapes of Master's Fa teaching from my fellow practitioners and copied them and listened to them over and over, as if I were in the class at the time. I copied six different series. Later I received a notice only to keep the tapes that were allowed to be kept and erased the rest of them.

On November 2 of that year, it was a Sunday, we were studying Fa in a room near an office building and there was no phone there. Someone found me at 10am and asked me to go to Fangzixuan. Where is Fangzixuan? Why did I need to go there? There was no answer. I kept asking directions and I arrived at Fangzixuan at 10:45am. The international Fa conference was being held there, the last speaker was still on the stage.

  1. I Witness a "Cool World" in the Sun

In the afternoon, we divided into small groups and exchanged experiences, I was in a group composed of people mainly from Taiwan. I was very happy to know that many were new practitioners and were able to come to attend this international Fa conference.

When we were on break at about 2 p.m., I saw some people looking at the sun. I did the same. Initially it was dazzling to the eyes, but it immediately changed, the sun changed to a "cool world". The sun itself radiated with a blue-gray color. There was a bright ring between the sun and its radiance, it was rotating like a big Falun. I looked at the sun again at 4 p. m., it was still the "cool world" and this time it was purple.

  1. I Finally Meet Master

During dinner, I sat at the table farthest away from the door, with my back facing the door. After the first course, I heard a noise. When I turned around I saw many practitioners stand up and clap, but I could not see anything. A fellow practitioner next to me told me that Master had arrived. I could not believe it, Master had already sent a greeting letter from America, did Master really come? Master's familiar voice came: "I will talk to you after dinner." Master really came! I was in tears and hurried to finish dinner and arranged the tables while waiting for Master. I was afraid to miss the time that I had been waiting for so long. Fa conference staff asked Beijing practitioners to move back and leave the ten front seats for the overseas practitioners. I moved a little bit, and sat in the twelfth row. Master's tall and strong figure came, immediately there was a long round of thunderous applause. Master came with a smile, his face radiated with a compassionate light. This moment will be forever carved into my memories. In order to let everyone see clearly, Master sat on a chair on top of the table. I thought that must be uncomfortable, but Master sat there and spoke for over an hour. I realized during the opening remarks that Master was actually answering my questions. It was fantastic! How did Master know what his disciples were thinking?

I will tell another story here: That winter was very cold. One day I attended the outdoor exercise without gloves. On my way back home, my hands hurt very badly. I could not help but cry: "Master, Master." I did not ask for help. I just felt that Master is closer than mother. The pain stopped immediately. I looked at my hand at noon and noticed a purple bruise around the nail, I realized that Master bore my pain. I was deeply moved. How lucky we are as the disciples of Master, Master is guiding us home. When disciples do not do well at times, Master is protecting us at every moment.

As Master left, many practitioners went up front to shake hands with Him. I stood still and did not move. I believe Master is the highest Buddha in the universe and I am too humble to shake his hand. Master has boundless compassion and he views all his disciples the same. After I saw Master I realized the reason why I came to Fangzixuan. Master had arranged all these events. Words cannot express my gratitude. The only thing I can do is cherish this chance for eternity and diligently cultivate until the end.

After eight years of trials and hardships I feel Master's boundless compassion even more. I regret that I did not always walk steadily in the storm. In particularly the first two years of my four year prison stay, I kept falling down and getting up until now I am able to walk steadily. Master extends all his heart in taking care of his disciples and guiding them home. Like my eldest daughter who is diligently doing the three things overseas, I will do the same and I will not disappoint Master's compassionate salvation.