(Clearwisdom.net) Laishui County 610 Office agents destroyed the homes of two Falun Gong practitioners on December 4, 2006. The owners of both homes inquired with the police 15 days ago but received no response.

According to witnesses, a jeep arrived in front of Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Huisen’s home in Zhaogezhuang Village, Wangcun Township, Laishui County at 2:10 p.m. on December 4, 2006. Four people in civilian clothes got out of the jeep, not carrying anything. They went directly to another Falun Gong practitioner's home, that of Mr. Qiao Yongfu. No one was home, and the front gate was locked. Two people climbed over the wall and entered the front yard. Each of them threw a brick at the window on the east side of the house. They broke the window and even the bricks broke into pieces from the brutal force.

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Broken door and window

They opened the front gate and barged inside the house. They completely destroyed all doors, windows, dishes and furniture, and some home appliances. The noise of furniture being smashed, breaking glass and barking dogs attracted several neighbors who gathered and watched the intruders.


Tools used to destroy the homes were left behind by the intruders

They removed the blade from a shovel and used the shovel handle to demolish items, including glass. Within 30 minutes, a clean and organized house was turned into a disaster zone. They then went to Qiao Yongfu’s hometown and destroyed another home belonging to Mr. Qiao.

No one dared to stop the intruders during the entire process. One person said, "They came back at 11:00 p.m. [that same day]. The high beams on their car's headlight lit up the whole alley. The dogs were barking furiously!"

Other witnesses said, "They came for him [Qiao Yongfu]. They had come more than once."


A complete mess inside the house

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Broken cassette player used to play Falun Gong exercise tapes

About five people from the Laishui County 610 Office went to Zhaogezhuang Village at 1:30 p.m. on June 23, 2006 and arrested Falun Gong practitioner Zhu Xiuling. They also looked for Qiao Yongfu but went to his neighbor’s home by mistake. They kicked the door and became angry when they realized it was the wrong home. They then went to Qiao Yongfu’s home and jumped over the wall because the front gate was locked. They cut the window screen with a knife and squeezed inside the house, then turned the whole place upside-down. Baby clothes were strewn about everywhere. They smashed a case of fresh milk bottles for the baby and took a Falun Dafa exercise tape. They went back in the middle of the night and since then have since never stopped harassing the family. Sometimes they harass them as often as three times a day. Qiao Yongfu and his wife were so frightened that they were forced to leave their home to avoid further persecution.

Mr. Qiao Yongfu, 58, had been weak and sickly since a young age. His wife suffered from neurogenic (nervous) hypertension and also vomited frequently. Both recovered after they started practicing Falun Dafa and became energetic and happy. After the wicked Communist regime began persecuting Dafa in 1999, Qiao Yongfu and his wife went to Beijing to validate Dafa. They were illegally detained, sent to brainwashing classes, and Laishui County 610 Office agents had extorted money from them, in the form of illegal "fines." Their son and daughter-in-law, also Dafa practitioners, were persecuted until they too left home.

The Minghui/Clearwisdom website exposed the illegal arrest of Dafa practitioners Zhu Xiuling and Qiao Yongfu on June 23, 2006. The evildoers fanatically retaliated against the practitioners.

Mr. Qiao Yongfu's daughter Qiao Jinghong learned about the break-in at 3:00 p.m. on December 4, 2006. She immediately reported the incident to the Laishui County Police Department and to the Wangcun Township Police Station, but all officials at the county, township and village denied any knowledge or involvement in the incident. Later it was learned that Laishui County 610 Office agents, including Wang Fucai, were the perpetrators. The officials said other departments would not overstep their authority and would not get involved in such incidents.

Below are eyewitness interviews.

Question: Can you describe the details?

Witness: They tossed bricks at the window at 2:15 p.m. on December 4. The glass broke. We went outside to take a look, and [we saw them] jumping over the wall and going inside the house. People came closer and tried to take a closer look, but the intruders said that people were forbidden to look. They said, "If you don’t have anything to do here, just leave! If you do, then stay." We all left, and they went crazy and smashed everything.

Question: Did they say anything else?
Witness: They didn’t ask any questions. After they destroyed that home they went to the other place.

Question: So they went to the [practitioner’s] hometown?
Witness: Yes. They also destroyed his home in his hometown!

Question: How many people came?
Witness: Four.

Question: Where did they come from?
Witness: Laishui County. They are the people in charge of persecuting Falun Gong.

Question: What did they wear?
Witness: Civilian clothes.

Question: Did they come in a car?
Witness: Yes.

Question: How old were those four men?
Witness: I think they were in their 40s.

Question: Did anyone see their car?
Witness: Someone saw the car. They said it was not a police car and they wore civilian clothes.

Question: What were you doing at home at the time?
Witness: I was doing laundry.

Question: So you suddenly heard sounds of smashing?
Witness: Sure! It was so loud! They kept the door locked, though.

Question: So they jumped over the wall?
Witness: Yes, they jumped over the wall.

Question: So the front gate was locked, and they jumped into the yard and opened the gate from inside?
Witness: When they threw the bricks, the first one landed on the east side [of the house]. Can you see that brick over there on the balcony? It’s broken into pieces!

Question: So they threw the bricks first?
Witness: That brick shattered the window on the east side!

Question: Even the brick was shattered?
Witness: Yes.

Question: Did you see them throwing the brick at the window?
Witness: I only saw the brick flying toward the window but I didn’t see the person throwing it.

Question: Not all of them jumped into the yard?
Witness: Two people jumped in and two people remained outside.

Question: So, two people were outside and two people were inside [the yard]?
Witness: Yes.

Question: So, the two men who jumped in broke the window with bricks?
Witness: Ah.

Question: Is that right?
Witness: Yes.

Question: All of them entered the house after they opened the door?
Witness: Yes, all of them went in.

Question: So the shovel…
Witness: He took off the blade.

Question: He took off the blade?
Witness: Yes. They used the bare handle to smash the windows.

Question: They smashed all of the other windows with the handle?
Witness: Except this one. The brick smashed this one on the east side.

Question: Only this pane of glass was broken by a brick?
Witness: Yes.

Question: So, they broke the rest with the shovel handle?
Witness: Yes.

Question: What else did they say? Did they say something like "Don’t watch"?
Witness: He said, "Do you have something to do here? If you do, then stay, if not, then leave!" He meant we shouldn’t stay there and watch! Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t have stopped them.

Question: So, they didn’t say anything and people didn’t ask any questions?
Witness: Yes.

Question: Did people gather and watch?
Witness: Absolutely. Lots of people went there to find out what was going on.

Question: How many bystanders were there?
Witness: I think almost everyone in that area went there to watch them.

Question: Didn’t someone report this to the police?
Witness: Yes, but no one came.

A third person: The dog would bark and we would all know.

Question: So, no one wants anything to do with it?
Witness: I think that’s probably the case.