For the last seven years, under the control of the 610 Office created by former leader Jiang Zemin, officers from the Zhonghua Road Police Station and Huanghelou Police Station have continued to persecute Falun Gong practitioners without restraint. They have illegally arrested practitioners, confiscated their property, imprisoned them, brutally beaten them, and also taken blood samples.

  • Case 1 - Zhonghua Road, Wuchang District - Robbery in broad daylight.

At about 2 o'clock on the afternoon of March 19, 2003, a group of about 30 police officers broke into a small restaurant situated at a popular eating spot in Wuchang. In broad daylight, they stole all the money from the counter. On leaving, one of them shamelessly said, "This must be money that finances Falun Gong activities." They then stuffed Ms. Zhu Hanying and Ms. Jiang Ming, the owners of the business, into gunny sacks, beat them up, and dragged them into a van. Later on the police went to the Jiulongjing District where Ms. Zhu lived, stole some 4,000 yuan from her home and left behind a six-month-old baby. Today, no news has been heard of the two, and the baby has lost its mother. The relatives do not know where to appeal.

  • Case 2 - A supermarket collaborated with the police

The Zhonghua Road Police Station compelled Hualian Supermarket security officers to arrest any practitioners distributing truth-clarifying materials. Reward money is being offered by the 610 Office, which is split two ways between the police station and the supermarket. The tempting rewards have led those in charge of Hualian Supermarket to betray their own consciences. On several occasions supermarket security officers have arrested practitioners. Once, when apprehending a female practitioner, they nearly broke her neck and arm. Her shirt was torn off during the struggle, and it took her three months to recover from her injuries.

  • Case 3 - Huanghelou Police Station officers make threats

On October 18, 2006, the police from Huanghelou threatened practitioners and their relatives. They said that anyone caught distributing the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party or pamphlets about Falun Gong would disappear permanently from the face of the earth.

Ms. Tu Yulan, a practitioner of Baisazhou in the Wuchang District, disappeared without warning half a month ago. Her husband searched everywhere for her. It was later learned that she was arrested by the Huanghelou police. Today, her exact whereabouts remain unknown.

  • Case 4 - Practitioner Ms. Xu Huifang Detained

On August 8, 2006, practitioner Ms. Xu Huifang was arrested in front of the Wuchang District government building by officers from Huanghelou Police Station for distributing information pamphlets. On the same evening, she was sent to Dongting Police Station and detained.

  • Case 5 - Ms Zhou Qiong arrested

While distributing information materials on the evening of March 27, 2006, Ms. Zhou Qiong was arrested after an informer reported her. That night she was detained in the No. 1 Branch of Wuhan City Police Station and later sentenced to serve hard labor in Hewan Forced Labor Camp.

From the beginning of 2001, it became a practice for the police to take blood samples from all arrested practitioners. Nobody knew why they did it then, but it is now known that the blood samples were most likely collected in order to build up a database of potential victims for live organ harvesting.

Furthermore, under secret instructions from Wuchang 610 Office, the above-mentioned police stations and others have engaged in tactics to apprehend more practitioners. This includes paying a large number of elderly people, who outwardly look kindhearted, to pretend that they want to learn Falun Gong in order to lure practitioners into being arrested.

Wang Changjin, Deputy Officer of Wuchang Branch Police Office, Wuhan City, is a close follower of Jiang Zemin's regime. For many years, he has been personally issuing orders to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. In November 1999, during a rally held to condemn Falun Gong, Mr. Wang Jinsong, a practitioner standing in the audience, made a gesture of disagreement concerning the condemnation. Within seconds a group of police officers pounced on him. He was arrested, detained, and tortured.

Some names and contact information of those responsible for the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners:

Level 10, Wuhan City Police Station Branch Office, the Wuchang District
Head, Security Bureau: 86-27-88085414 (new)
Level 14, Wuhan City Police Station Branch Office, the Wuchang District
Manager Chen Jianwen: 86-27-880853119 (new)

List of those responsible from Wuhan City:

Zhonghua Road Police Station
Chief Officer Zhu Zhian: 86-27-88871407 (new)
Head, Special Duty Officer Chen Mingchao: 86-13507192227 (Cell)
Multifunction Officer-In-charge Zhang Aidi (Now promoted)
Deputy Chief Officer Shu Bangqi
Deputy Chief Officer Wang Jinpu (now transferred to Huanghelou Police Station)
National Security Bureau personnel Luo Lisong and Du Wei
Sentinel officer Xiao Dengwu
Huanghelou Police Station: 86-27-88925110

Front View Zhonghua Road Police Station

Side View Zhonghua Road Police Station

Participating in the persecution were also members from Zhonghua Road Administration Office and Zhonghua Road District Court. The police station situated along Liandao Road is also responsible for the death of practitioner Mr. Peng Min.

Front View Huanghelou Police Station

Side View Huanghelou Police Station