(Clearwisdom.net) Beijing Dafa disciple Liu Yongwang is originally from Baoding City, Quyang County in Hebei Province. His life is in imminent danger at Tangshan City's Jidong Prison. Mr. Liu Yongwang has been on a hunger strike since May 24, 2006, to protest the persecution. He’s endured daily forced feedings conducted by personnel in Ward B. Recently, he has suffered shock several times due to injuries he sustained while being force-fed. Liu Yongwang vomited after being force-fed, losing most of the contents of his stomach. He is getting thinner every day and appears to be extremely weak. His legs are numb due to torture he suffered previously, and he can’t walk or stand. He might become totally paralyzed, lose consciousness, or suffer fatal shock at any time.

Mr. Liu Yongwang is 35 years old. He was illegally arrested on September 13, 2001 in Shanghai because he practices Falun Dafa. He was detained at a detention center in Shanghai and later at the Baoding Detention Center in Hebei Province for 88 days. On December 10, 2001, Mr. Liu was sent to the Baoding Labor Re-Education Camp. His left leg was disabled as a result of the severe torture he was subjected to at the labor camp. Later, Liu Yongwang was transferred to the Tangshan Labor Re-Education Camp. He was diagnosed with nerve damage in both legs in May 2004, and released for medical treatment in June 2004. On August 24, 2005, officers from the Beijing National Security Bureau arrested Liu Yongwang again at work and initially detained him at their detention center, but later transferred him to the Baoding Detention Center. From November 7 to November 13, members of the so-called "Special Examination Group" questioned Mr. Liu. Both of his legs were tied to a chair, and an electric baton and a torch were used to extort a "confession" from him. He wasn’t allowed to close his eyes for seven days. On May 11, 2006 Mr. Liu was illegally sentenced to prison on false charges. He was sent to Tangshan Jidong Prison on June 16, 2006.

Responsible Individuals:

Ma Changzheng, Reconnaissance Section Chief: 86-315-8313086 (office), 86-13653155808 (Cell)
Zhang Fuliang, Education Department Chief: 86-315-8313089 (Office)
Zhang Weidong

Hebei Jidong Prison -
Song Chenliang Prison Director: 86-315-8327666 (office), 86-315-8327966 (Living Quarters), 86-311-83807666 (home), 86-13930530566, 86-13832978666
Peng Yanjie, Political Commissar: 86-315-8327888 (office), 86-315-8502668 (home), 86-13903157108 (Cell)
An Yue Party Secretary for the Disciplinary Commission: 86-315-83276688 (Office), 86-315-8502888 (home), 86-13503150211 (Cell)
Sun Yuejin, Deputy Prison Director: 86-315-8327898 (Office), 86-315-8310669 (Home), 86-13653155866 (Cell)
Hou Baochen, Deputy Prison Director: 86-315-8327686 (Office), 86-315-8310686 (Home), 86-13803329986 (Cell)
Wang Xiaode, Deputy Prison Director: 86-315-8327868 (Office), 86-315-8501993 (Home), 86-13603256338 (Cell)
Li Bing, Deputy Prison Director: 86-315-8327688 (Office), 86-315-8310688 (Home), 86-13933327929 (Cell)
Xue Yanlin, Deputy Prison Director: 86-315-8327999 (Office), 86-315-8501855 (Home), 86-13803306117 (Cell)
Liao Bingfu, Deputy Office Chief: 86-315-8327988 (Office), 86-315-8501528 (Home), 86-13903383401 (Cell)
Gao Xuedong, Deputy Office Chief: 83-315-8327899 (Office), 86-315-8501777 (Home), 86-13603150707 (Cell)