(Claerwisdon.net) Since it began in July 1999, the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners at Maojiashan Forced Labor Camp has never stopped. The following is a list of the most recent persecution incidents:

1. Guards forced practitioners to memorize Rule 23. If the practitioners disobeyed, they had to write out Rule 23 ten times after 10:00 p.m., the usual bedtime. They were forbidden from sleeping if they didn't finish. Practitioner Ms. Wu Shuhuei refused to either memorize or copy the rule, resulting in a guard slapping her face, causing her mouth to bleed. Many other practitioners and criminals witnessed this.

2. In August 2006, guard Yang Yang from the No. 1 Team physically abused practitioner Ms. Yang Xiaolan for not memorizing the rule. Ms. Yang was forced to stand still and was forbidden from sleeping. She was forced to copy the rule for the entire night. Additionally, since it was in the heat of summer, the guards forbade her from taking a shower. The guards in the team were also involved in torturing other practitioners. Some older practitioners became dizzy from the mistreatment. This kind of mistreatment continued for two weeks.

3. Guard Wang Lu verbally abused 67-year-old practitioner Ms. Wang Minghui. Ms. Wang's arm was broken from being hung up at a detention center and she now has to live with an assistant. The police not only refused to have her treated, but also sent her to the forced labor camp and continued torturing her. Because her name is the same as the Chinese name for the Falun Gong website (Minghui.org), guards often verbally abuse her and ask her why she changed her name to Minghui.

4. Guards Zhao Yuanyuan, Hu Xaioyan and Chen Yanyan tortured practitioner Ms. Chen Tingfen. She firmly refused to comply with the evil persecution, so she was locked in a small cell. Guards forbade her from taking showers for several months. They permitted her only a scant quantity of water for brushing her teeth and washing her face. In the meantime, guards Zhao Yuanyuan, Hu Xiaoyan and Chen Yanyan incited the criminals called "prison monitors" locked in the same cell with her to beat her. We could frequently hear her crying and yelling. Guards also sent "collaborator" Liu Yoxai to torture her. Liu would check her critique report and the report would be forwarded to the guards' chief only if Liu was satisfied.

5. Guards Tan Qinyue, Hu Xaioyan, and Chen Yanyan physically tortured practitioner Ms. Wang Aihua who had been sent there in July 2005. Ms. Wang was forced to stand still for several hours, and squat, jump like a frog and stand on one foot. They incited criminal Liu Chenling to burn her back with candles and forbade Ms. Wang from reporting this abuse.

Different methods were used to torture practitioners. Guards Chen Yanyan and Hu Xaioyan told the criminals to do anything to make Dafa practitioners give up Falun Gong by signing a guarantee statement. They also forced Ms. Wang to reveal other practitioner's names. Ms. Wang Aihua is still under a close supervision.

6. Police have not been able to "reform" the practitioners who have been locked in small cells for a long time, and so prevent them from sleeping until 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. They are forced to get up at 5:00 a.m. to write a daily self-critique report. They cannot sleep if the report is not finished.

I hope that all kind people will pay attention to these persecution incidents and help stop the persecution.