(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of December 6, 2006, Party members in Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province, illegally tried nine practitioners including Ms. Xiang Lijie, whose husband is in Taiwan, at the Liaoyuan Detention Center. The trial lasted less than two hours.

During the trial the judge and the prosecutor stopped the defendant practitioners from uttering a word. Before the session, the relevant department in charge clearly ordered the defense lawyers to only negotiate the duration of prison terms for the Falun Gong practitioners. The defense was prevented from pleading not guilty, and during the session the defense attorneys were under intense pressure, resulting in their not saying a thing. This is an example of a so-called "fair trial" under Communist Party rule.

Although Chinese law clearly stipulates that all cases, except those involving national secrets, should be tried publicly, this session was held in a detention center where even unauthorized policemen are not allowed to freely enter and exit. The public have no way to enter such a place, and thus they have no way to be present at the trial. The only spectators in this court session were police officers. This is an example of a "public trial" under Communist Party rule.

Nine of the practitioners were illegally arrested between spring and summer of this year. These practitioners were not in good physical condition after being detained and tortured for six months. One of them, unable to walk by himself, was dragged into the courtroom. Seven practitioners, including Xiang Lijie, Zhao Yan and Zhang Shunhong, firmly denied their illegal sentences.

Practitioner Ms. Xiang Lijie was arrested on April 25, 2006. Her husband is in Taiwan. The police department and the 610 Office in Liaoyuan have refused to issue her a return visa to Taiwan, which meant that she and her husband have had to live apart for many years. She made her living doing jobs for 300 yuan per month. Beginning in July 1999, Ms. Xiang was detained and sent to forced labor camps because she went to appeal. When she was incarcerated she was beaten and electrically shocked. In 2004 when she went to apply for a visa to return to Taiwan, Li Bin of the National Security Team slapped her face in front of her family because she did not give up practicing Falun Gong.

The nine practitioners in Liaoyuan City were given the following sentences on the night of December 15, 2006:

Xiang Lijie, 11 years; Liu Duansheng, 9 years; Liu Quanxing, 8 years; Zhao Yan, 7 years; Liu Xiangzhuo, 5 years; Luan Aijun, 4 years; Zhang Shunhong, 4 years; Lu Chunyun, 3 years; Wang Xiangren 3 years.

All nine practitioners have appealed to the higher authorities. We ask all fellow practitioners who see this news to send forth frequent righteous thoughts to rescue these fellow practitioners.

Those directly responsible for the persecution:

Longshan Police Department in Liaoyuan City
Han Dong, director: 0437-3225471
Lian Weihua, deputy director: 0437-3225683
Policeman Jiang Feng
Main office: 0437-3228208
Commissar's office: 0437-3226626
Fire Section: 0437-3225551
Command center: 0437- 3257110, 3227880
National Security agents: Gao Yusheng, Lan Yuqin
Head of National Security Team: He Kun
Pi Fuguo, head of the 610 Office: 0437-3311714 (work)

Liaoyuan Detention Center: 3513414
Zheng Lizhong, chief of the detention center: 13180956777
Zhang Qiyun, commissar: 13943702707
Luo Dongmei, guard: 0437-2967594
Kang Lijie: 13843778197
Wang Minghai: 0437-3242166

December 20, 2006