(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Huiyun, 43, holds a PhD. degree and had taught at Hebei University of Science and Technology. She suffered a mental collapse more than two years ago, and later schizophrenia due to persecution by the Communist Party.

Ms. Li Huiyun began practicing Falun Gong in 1996. Her husband and then seven-year-old son also started practicing Dafa.

Her husband, Mr. Song Hongshui, 44, worked at the same university. Everyone who knew him liked him. Their son currently is in high school.

During the past seven years of persecution by the Communist Party, Li Huiyun has been illegally arrested and sent to brainwashing sessions twice, where she was tortured until she suffered a mental collapse. She was then sentenced to two years of forced labor and dismissed by the university. She is currently staying at home.

Officers from the Gexin Street Police Station and officials from the university arrested Ms. Li Huiyun on October 24, 2001 and took her and her husband to the Hebei Capital Legal Education & Training Center, a brainwashing center. Their then nine-year-old son was taken back to their hometown. Officers from Gexin Street Police Station ransacked Li Huiyun's home and took away her keys. They didn't return the keys until her husband returned home. The home was turned upside down.

Zhang Lizhong, Party Secretary of the College of Mechanical Engineering, Hebei University of Science and Technology, phoned Li Huiyun and called her to his office at 8:00 a.m. on February 24, 2004. He and officers from Gexin Police Station again took Li Huiyun to the Hebei Capital Legal Education & Training Center. At the same time they also arrested her husband at work and sent him to the brainwashing center. Their son was again taken back to their hometown. Li Huiyun's computer and other things she used at work were confiscated. After the second arrest, Song Hongshui's salary was frozen. He was never allowed to return to work but began receiving a minimum salary in September 2006.

Li Huiyun suffered a mental collapse at the Hebei Capital Legal Education & Training Center in March 2004 due to brutal persecution. Officials at the university colluded with officials at the brainwashing center and Gexin Police Station in sentencing her to two years of forced labor after she was held at the brainwashing center for more than five months. They tried to hide the persecution by keeping Li Huiyun out of public view. They took her directly from the brainwashing center to the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp. She was secretly taken from the labor camp to the Psychiatry Department of the No. 1 Hospital Affiliated with Hebei Medical University on August 12, 2004. The university dismissed her on December 1, 2004, when her condition had just stabilized.

Wang Yingying, Party Secretary at the university, and Zhang Lizhong, Party Secretary at the College of Mechanical Engineering, are responsible for the persecution of Li Huiyun.

"Collaborator" Li Haisheng burned Ms. Li Huiyun's hands with cigarette butts, causing four burn wounds on the morning of February 24, 2004, the first day Li Huiyun was sent to the brainwashing center. He also pulled her out of bed and threw her on the floor, saying, "Go ahead and bang your head against the wall. We won't stop you." "Go ahead and hold a hunger strike. We won't force-feed you." Li Huiyun said to him in a serious tone, "I won't hit my head against the wall or go on hunger strike."

From the second day on, Li Haisheng started beating Ms. Li Huiyun under instructions from guard Yang Yukun. Within a few days Li Huiyun's arms were black and blue, her lower back hurt and her limbs were numb. Because of the beatings, sometimes she could not turn over in bed and sweated profusely when turning in bed or going to the restroom. After making numerous strong requests, Li Huiyun was finally taken to a hospital, where she was diagnosed with protrusion of spinal discs in her lower back. Zhang Lizhong took her from the hospital straight back to the brainwashing center.

The officials also mentally tormented Ms. Li Huiyun. They forced her to view Dafa-slandering materials. Collaborators Liang Ziling, Li Haisheng and others humiliated Li Huiyun. Guard Yang Yukun would yank off Li Huiyun's quilt in the morning when she was still in bed and ask male guard Yuan Shuqian to look at Li Huiyun in her underwear. They insulted Li Huiyun, saying she didn't wear anything, and they ordered someone to brutally hit her head. They brainwashed Li Huiyun during the day and beat her all night. They refused to let her sit and made her continually stand upright. One night when they were exhausted from beating her, they ordered her to write a guarantee statement. Li Huiyun wrote, "[I was] brutally beaten by..." They looked at it and grabbed her hair, crumpled the paper into a ball and shoved it into her mouth. They beat her ruthlessly. After one week of torture, they deprived her of sleep and use of the restroom. When she tells them she needs to use the restroom, they pour a cup of tea on the floor, hoping she will urinate in her pants. They tried to kick her lower abdomen with their hard boots. She turned away, and the boots landed on her right thigh, which turned black and blue. Once, when she was sitting in bed, they struck her face so violently that her jaw was dislocated. They immediately hit her again and forced her jaw back. They tied her onto a hard wooden chair for many days. The rope cut into her wrists, and her chest turned black and blue from being tied with a rope.

Li Huiyun became confused and disoriented after long-term sleep deprivation, being tied up day and night, brutal beatings, deprived of restroom use, and various forms of humiliation. One month later she developed symptoms of schizophrenia. Five months later Liu Yazhang and others from Gexin Street Police Station appeared with a fabricated interrogation record and made Li Huiyun sign it, although she was not able to make a rational decision. They used the record as the evidence to sentence her to forced labor.

Li Huiyun was sent to Division 5 of the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp on August 12, 2004. On the afternoon of August 19, the seventh day of Li Huiyun's detention, officials from the labor camp and the university sent her to the Psychiatry Department at the No. 1 Hospital Affiliated with Hebei Medical University, where she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Doctor He Lin at the hospital wrote a notice on October 19, 2004 asking the university to take Li Huiyun out of the hospital, but Zhang Lizhong from the university picked her up the next day and took her directly to the labor camp.

Li Huiyun was sent from the labor camp back to the hospital in September 2005. During this time she was injected with unknown drugs, which caused brain dysfunction and general weakness. She lost consciousness twice in one day. The officials blocked information and didn't allow her family to visit her at the hospital. In the end, her mother, who is in her seventies, knelt on the floor before Di Manli, head of Division 5 at the labor camp, and Di Manli reluctantly allowed her to see her daughter.

When she was taken back to the labor camp, many collaborators beat her in a variety of ways. They held her on the floor and put one leg on her chest and the other leg on her neck so she could not breathe. They spread out her arms and cuffed her between two beds. She wrote about the abuse and submitted it to the labor camp officials, but Qiao Xiaoxia, deputy division head, retaliated. She claimed Li Huiyun was making trouble, and that she would "fix" Li Huiyun. Li Huiyun was held for more than one month beyond the imposed term, and made to ingest psychiatric drugs throughout the whole time she was held at the labor camp. The drugs left her with stunted thinking processes, blank facial expression, blurred vision, and deafness.

She never recovered due to the high-pressure environment that is depressing, terrifying and nerve wracking, and also because of constant brainwashing at the labor camp. After she went home on February 26, 2006, Ms. Li Huiyun and her husband went to the university officials and asked for her job back. They also went to officials at the Hebei Province Education Department, the police departments handling her case, and submitted documents, but heard nothing. Li Huiyun then suffered a relapse of schizophrenia due to anguish and stress.

Although her husband Mr. Song Hongshui is still listed as an employee at the College of Information, for the past two years the university officials have refused to let him return to work, saying that he "didn't write a guarantee statement to promise he would not practice Falun Gong and didn't promise he would not talk about Falun Gong."

Departments and officials responsible for the persecution:
Hebei Capital Legal Education and Training Center
Front office: 86-311-87712644
Education Division: 86-311-87712641
Li Aiguo: currently the head of Shijiazhuang City Labor Camp, 86-311-87707238
Yao Fang: 86-311-87712647

People who tortured Li Huiyun and directly contributed to her condition: Female guard Yang Yukun, male collaborator Liang Ziling, male Li Haisheng, and Yuan Shuqian, male head of Education Division

Division 5 at Shijiazhuang City Labor Camp
Di Manli, head of Division 5: 86-311-87754007 ext. 78480
Qiao Xiaoxia, deputy division head: 86-311-87754007 ext. 78418
Lu Hongguo, group head: 86-311-86162286
Qi Hong: 86-311-87759464

Gexin Street Police Station: 86-311-87883523
Zhang Jingwu: political head at police station, 86-311-7893919

Xinhua District Police Department
Fan Zhimou, head of Politics and Security Division: 86-13832111518 (Cell)
Guo Shixian: 86-13091007159 (Cell)

Officials at Hebei University of Science and Technology
Wang Yingying, retired, currently a representative of the People's Congress of Hebei Province: 86-311-88632001, 86-13703396670 (Cell)
Lu Changfu, retired, currently a representative of the People's Congress of Hebei Province: 86-311-88632002
Ji Weige, Party secretary: 86-311-88632266
Li Qiang, university president and deputy secretary of Party Committee
Sang Xiuguo, deputy secretary of Party Committee: 86-311-88632010
Hu Jinxiu, deputy secretary of Party Committee: 86-311-88632003
Wang Qingxun, vice president of university: 86-311-88632007
Li Jun, vice president of university: 86-311-88632011