(Clearwisdom.net) Currently, we have many truth-clarifying material production centers, but often the elderly and others not familiar with computers have trouble with the technology. They ask other practitioners to help when they run into problems. I didn’t know anything about computers, printers, or MP3s before I set up my material production center. Afterwards, Teacher gave me all the wisdom I needed. I could then help resolve practitioners' technical problems in our area. I would like to share some experiences from our material producing center and the process by which we produce what we need.

I took a detour on my path of cultivation after July 20, 1999. I returned to cultivation only after Teacher compassionately enlightened me during the fall of 2005. I realized that I should produce truth-clarifying materials to save sentient beings. One practitioner used USB drives to provide some materials. I had only basic knowledge of computers and printed some documents. Later, my mother, another practitioner, and I purchased a laser printer. We set up four material production centers. We bought a laminating machine, so we could make amulets. We obtained software to break through the internet blockade. One practitioner showed us how to set up our network security and another gave us a disk to produce the materials. Our material production center started from nothing, but finally became fully equipped.

1. Study the Fa More and Believe in Teacher and the Fa

There was a strange sound the first time I used the laminating machine. Card stock that we used to make the amulets got stuck in the machine. I could not return the machine to the store and I did not know who could repair it. I realized that I was doing a most righteous thing. After I calmed down, I asked Teacher to help me. I found the tool to take the machine completely apart according to the instructions. I took out the stuck card and put the machine back together. It was actually quite simple. Thereafter I could quickly repair the machine when others had trouble with it.

One practitioner could not get onto the Minghui/Clearwisdom website for a long time. I went over and checked it out. I had no trouble getting onto other websites with the computer. I thought that the evil forces knew this practitioner had loopholes, so was preventing him from getting on the Minghui website. We asked Teacher for assistance, searched for our attachments, and cleansed our environment. We sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the rotten ghosts and dark minions and negate the old forces’ arrangements and remove interferences. After that, I sent forth strong righteous thoughts, breaking through the blockade with my knowing side and my supernormal capabilities. Twenty minutes later, we got on the Minghui website quickly.

Very often, I only needed to touch the machines or just turn them on and off. Sometimes I needed to take things apart. What I did have were righteous thoughts when practitioners asked me to repair something. I do not know what ordinary people would label it, but in my mind, I think that there is nothing wrong with the machine. The evil forces must be taking advantage of our loopholes and this is how it manifests. I ask Teacher to support me and send forth righteous thoughts. If it is a technical problem, Teacher helps by enlightening me on how to resolve the difficulty. I told other practitioners this is how I do the repairs. However, when others did the same thing, sometimes it would not work for them. I think the main problem is that they don’t trust themselves and have a dependent mentality. Attachments of worry and fear likely play a role also.

A classmate owns a computer store with many technicians. Another classmate is an expert in computers. I thought they would provide good technical support for me. In the beginning, I either called them up to ask questions or had them come to the house to service the computer problems. One computer was taken to the store many times for repairs. I found out later that they had never gotten rid of the cause of the problem. I took care of the problems, with Teacher’s help, after studying the Fa. They said they had never run into problems like that before and did not know what to do. I let go of my dependency mentality completely. I realized that Dafa disciples have all kinds of supernormal capabilities and wisdom during Fa rectification. Our Fa abilities elevate with us. Our abilities are different from those of ordinary people. We must not use human notions, but firmly believe that our Fa ability is the best. This should negate the abnormal condition. We can truly resolve our ability problems with diligent Fa study, righteous thoughts, and by our firm belief in Teacher and the Fa.

2. Teacher Will Give Us Whatever Wisdom We Need

On one occasion I discovered that a practitioner had put Dafa material on a USB drive but that the file required passwords in order to decompress. Even with passwords, she still had fear in her heart. The fear mentality is a loophole, but how could I make her let go of that notion? A few days later I was working on the computer for another project and accidentally discovered a way to make things more secure. We could put the disk anywhere and it would be safe. My technical knowledge for the material-producing center did not come from hard searching but often while studying the Fa or sending forth righteous thoughts. Occasionally Teacher would also ask ordinary people to point out things for me, or I could be checking around for something else and discover the solution. Teacher has bestowed upon us such compassionate salvation!

3. The Process of Producing Materials Is Also the Process of Getting Rid of Attachments

Zealotry and the show-off mentality appeared often during the production of Dafa materials. Not long ago, the paper often jammed or wrinkled in the printer at the center. It continued to cause problems, even though the printer was serviced regularly. I looked within myself and found two loopholes. One, I felt quite self-important after doing so much repair work. Two, I felt relief every time I accomplished my mission of giving materials to other practitioners. Then I realized that I was here to produce the materials to save sentient beings, not to accomplish some mission of mine. Teacher pointed out ways to correct the printers when I let go of my attachment about my mission and put my heart in the right place. The printer returned to normal without any service from outside.

The rotten ghosts and dark minions took advantage of my human notions about technology to interfere with my material production. There are three practitioners in our center. One is elderly with very little knowledge of computers and she normally does the printing work. She does a good job and wastes very few pieces of paper. There were often paper jams when I did the printing. I found human notions regarding technical aspects when I looked within myself. Once I cleansed those notions, the printer worked just fine. Another common notion is that elderly practitioners cannot learn new things. The elderly practitioners in our center not only learn very quickly but also do a wonderful job.

4. Security Issue

I usually deliver the materials and keep in contact with other production centers. Occasionally, we cooperate with other centers and do the work together.

Recently, our machinery was not working smoothly. I realized that we were only working with other centers and not producing materials on our own. Working to fulfill part of our obligation is a loophole we need to be aware of. After reaching that understanding, we sent forth-righteous thoughts, and our machinery was back to functioning normally.

5. Magical Machinery

Sometimes, the abnormal condition of our machinery foretold events about to happen. Once when I was about to print something, the printer stopped working. No matter how I tried, it would not work. I decided to temporarily let it go. When I left the room, I found a practitioner in the house whom I had not seen for a long time. My mother had forgotten to tell me that I had a visitor. After she left, my printer started to work again. On a different occasion, my computer would not accept my UBS drive and I decided to let it go. My boss and others walked in right after I had put everything away. Another time, I was making truth-clarifying materials at work when my printer suddenly stopped. I sent forth righteous thoughts and it still would not work. I decided that I should go home so as not to miss sending righteous thoughts at the global time. I put everything away and made it home just in time. The printer was back to normal again that afternoon. Examples like these are too numerous to mention one by one.