Here I'd like to share my understandings on how to better use of the world's newspapers to clarify the truth. Every newspaper has a column for readers to provide feedback or comments on recently reported issues. We can use it to clarify the truth. Here are a few things that I think we need to pay attention to.

1. Use our identity well to provide feedback on familiar issues

Generally readers who provide feedback will indicate their jobs. As for me, I'm a soldier. Therefore I can write articles on current hot topics in the Taiwan military. I can share my ideas on these topics as a practitioner and I can find ways to clarify the truth and expose the evil.

Similarly, practitioners that are doctors can write articles on how the evil Party has been inhumanely taking organs from live practitioners to make profits. In this way, we can expose the evil Party and clarify the truth. If you are a manager, you can talk about the truth of doing business in China. If you are a student, you can write articles to your campus newspaper. Practitioners that are teachers, clerks, policemen, and etc. can also use their identity well to find appropriate and familiar topics. We need to know what newspapers there are in our local areas and then take note of how to write to them.

2. Remember that our writing carries power

I have had this idea of writing to newspapers for a long time. However, I didn't do it until recently. One of the reasons was that I felt I didn't write as well as other people do. But we should not forget that Teacher told us that we are practitioners walking on the path to godhood and therefore we all have great abilities. Just as Teacher said, "...it doesn’t matter how good or bad your handwriting is, they'll have energy!" (Zhuan Falun) The articles that we write have great power behind them. As Dafa practitioners, we study the Fa and we have different understandings of the Fa at different levels. The Fa strengthens us. With this, we have the ability to explain things well, while everyday people don't have this ability at all.

3. Do without pursuit and we'll naturally achieve our goals

Another reason that I didn't write to newspapers was that I thought things like: "This newspaper has been bought off by the Chinese government. How can they publish my articles? Thus, I would be wasting my time if I write to them." Later, I came to realize that I need to do without pursuit and then we can naturally achieve our goals. "Cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master..." (Zhuan Falun). Even if our articles don't get published, the editor that reads our articles reads what we wrote. If more practitioners do so and we keep doing this, the editors and even the newspapers will be rectified. In fact, whether our articles get published or not, sentient beings in the cosmos will see it.

4. We can write to magazines that specialize in different areas

I'm a soldier. There are many magazines about the military. If the magazines publishes my article, soldiers around the nation will see it. Similarly, doctors and teachers have their own specific magazines. These magazines appear to be not so popular, however, they serve their own readers and it might be easier to have our articles published in these kinds of magazines.

5. Writing articles is giving opportunities to the newspapers and their readers

Personally, I think we are providing opportunities for everyday people to learn the truth and for the newspapers to position themselves well when we write articles. It is an act of compassion. We need to try our best to write well and use everyday people's ways to help more people learn the truth.

6. We need to keep righteous thoughts and act righteously

There is bound to be interference when we write articles. Since the moment I came up with the idea of writing to newspapers, many incorrect notions have been preventing me from actually doing it. It has been about two years now that I have always been busy doing other things. Therefore, here I'd like to make a suggestion to fellow practitioners. Please get a pen and write articles now. Do it whenever you have something to say. Otherwise, interference will make you forget it or become too busy to do it. In fact, I'm writing this article in a cafeteria and I need to go back to work in half an hour. I'm very happy that I used this opportunity to write this article.

The above is my personal understanding. Please correct me if I said anything inappropriate.