(Clearwisdom.net) During my cultivation process, I felt that with the constant improvement of our understanding of Dafa, the extent of our denying the old forces should be more complete and our power of breaking away from earthly ties should be stronger. We should not stick to our past, temporary, correct understandings. On the contrary, we should constantly elevate our understandings because "No Dharma is definitive" (Zhuan Falun).

1. Defendant vs. Chief Judge, Alleging vs. Saving

Once we wrote a letter to a court officer who illegally sentenced Dafa practitioners. In the letter there are words like "Such-and-such Dafa Disciple is not guilty." Later fellow practitioners said, "These words contain elements of acknowledging the old forces. We are still defending ourselves, that is, regarding ourselves as defendants. In reality, we are exposing the evil, so we are the chief judges who judge the evil in light of the truth of the universe, conscience, morality and justice; universal law governs everything. The court officers do not have the final say. They are following the evil and committing crimes in the dark. Only we, as Dafa disciples, can be responsible to them and tell them the truth. Therefore, later we all believed that this sentence should be changed to "Dafa disciples have come for you."

The former reflects practitioners acting as defendants, while the latter reflects practitioners persuading people to be compassionate; as great compassionate beings responsible to others.

Another example is, we also have the mind set of "alleging" while clarifying the truth about the staged Tiananmen Self-immolation incident. "This was not done by us. It is Jiang Zemin who framed us. We are innocent." As Dafa disciples, we are validating Dafa. Each of us, just like a particle of Dafa, is clarifying the truth to people. Why do we allege ourselves to be sentient beings? Is it because we put Dafa at a much lower level? We are saving sentient beings while clarifying the truth. We are the main body on the path to godhood, not persecuted people pouring out grievances and alleging their own innocence of the charge in the position of a defendant. In society, our behavior shows that we are responsible for society, and for righteousness.

2. An Ordinary Person Practicing Cultivation or a God Fulfilling a Long-Cherished Wish?

For a long time, I have felt that I was lagging far behind, though on the surface I was being diligent. Recently I gradually came to understand that I did not believe Master’s Fa to a great enough extent and always regarded myself as an ordinary person who is practicing cultivation, constantly breaking through, constantly letting go of attachments and constantly doing the three things well. My starting point has always been regarding myself as a being in this earthly world. I think as though I originated here and am just trying to transcend the ordinary human level through cultivation practice.

Once enlightened to this principle of the Fa, we can differentiate all ties here more clearly, for instance, every thought of ourselves, especially some notions such as likes and dislikes, lust, haggling over every ounce, desire for material things, and habits, etc. By this time all Dafa disciples should be aware that these were intentionally created by the old forces while we were going through cycles of reincarnation. Meanwhile, the old forces try to bind us by using these human passions and theories. At this moment, we all know from the bottom of our hearts that we are fundamentally not ordinary people here. It is not simply that we should let go of these things; instead, we should return to our original state. Of course, Master’s Fa today is better and greater than the Fa that originally created us.

At a certain level, focusing on letting go of attachments is not wrong, however, transcending this level, we would find that this understanding is crawling within a circle. Master has told us that we were originally high level beings from the remote universe who followed Master to this ordinary human world to assimilate to the Fa, validate Dafa and complete our great missions. Nothing in this human world are our original things. We shouldn’t have had any relationships here. Because of Master’s Fa-rectification, the three realms and everything in the human world came into being. Because of Fa-rectification, we formed our families. Because of Fa-rectification, we have our jobs. Because of Fa-rectification, seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter came into being. Everything, like stage backdrops, were designed and set up for the Fa-rectification. We Dafa disciples, through Fa study, are enlightened to this enigma. And we are assimilating everything here to the Fa and saving everything here by using the game designed by the old forces. We were originally Gods who took off our auras and followed Master to the human world. We have already cast off everything we once possessed. From this point, all the attachments that we cannot lay down are after-birth bad habits formed here. These attachments are not from our original selves.