(Clearwisdom.net) My son, Hu Enkui, was detained at the First Division of Yongqiao Prison in Suzhou City, Anhui Province for practicing Falun Gong . From 6:00 PM of January 5, 2005 to 6:00 PM of January16, 2005, the Division leader Lu Yang, Team Leader Yu Weizhou, Prisoners Xiao Hua, Wang Songling and Liu Jun inhumanely tortured my son under the instigation of the police at the transformation base of the prison for more than ten hours within two days: the police opened the windows and switched on the fans to freeze my son, who wasn't wearing much clothing, with temperatures under minus 10 degrees. They beat and kicked him all over his body and hit his elbows for several hours. They cuffed one of his hands to a window and tied the other hand with a rope. Several of the police pulled back the rope so that his whole body hung in the air. Then they beat his chest and back. After that they pinned him against the wall, sat him down and pulled his legs apart to the shape of one line. They electric shocked his genitalia repeatedly for over half an hour and he was unable to urinate. He couldn't move his legs for several months and his body was bruised with blisters. Lu Yang forcibly stepped on my son's feet repeatedly with his leather shoes causing him to faint three times. They forcibly put a hot-water bag filled with boiling water on his feet causing thrird degree scald burns to his left foot, second degree scald burns to his right foot, destruction of the periosteum, chronic damage to his small toe and deformity of both feet. His feet were disabled.

Such inhumane torture of detained prisoners causes utter disgust among the people.

It is said that police intentionally torture Falun Gong practitioners to severe damage or to death and then remove their organs for sale and cremate their bodies to destroy the evidence. Since our son was arrested, we haven't been allowed to see him. Whether he is still alive or not, we don't know. The state law clearly stipulates that prisoners have the right to have family visit them. And my son is a good person who is being persecuted. Which article of the law is it that forbids us to visit him? Who is violating the law? In due time you will have to bear the responsibility for what you have done.

If it was your son and your children who were tortured and you didn't know their whereabouts, how would you feel? Here we request that the leaders of various Governmental levels investigate our son's case. We believe that good and evil will be rewarded or punished. Please come and rescue our son. We request the leaders to publish all personnel related to this case without delay.

If you don't punish the evil, but let them continue their ways, we will appeal level by level up to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations.

Parents of Hu Enkui

Following are the phone numbers of the prison in Suzhou City, Anhui Province (i.e.the Third Prison in Anhui Province):

Discipline Investigation Committee: 86-557-3060711
Prison Political Department: 86-557-3060562
Feng Jiabao, Director of the prison: 86-557-3061826
Lu Yong, Political Commissar: 86-557-3061517
Xia Liangmin, Political Instructor: 86-557-3052363
Liu Jiazhong, Deputy Dirctor of the prison: 86-557-3059980
Huang Qijun, Head of the Division Prison: 86-557-3043062
Yao Song, Political Instructor: 86-557-3061373
Zhao Yongshun, Deputy Political Instructor: 86-557-3032300
General Office of the prison: 86-557-3060935
Tang Chuanyou, Head of the Transformation Base to transform Falun Gong: 86-0557-3039687, 86-13305576300 (Cell)
Wu Yudong, Deputy Political Instructor of the Mechanical Factory: 86-557-3166811, 3063379
Zheng Taiping, Political Instructor of the Yongqiao Prison: 86-557-3049175 (Home)
Li Min, Policeman: 86-557-3035506 (Home)
Policemen: Huang Dongchang, Liu Yaping, Dai Jie, Zhang Yingjun, Liu Changchun, Wang Baoheng
Xu Bo, Political Instructor of the Sixth Division of the Prison
Jiang Lei, Head of the Sixth Division of the Prison
Policemen of the Eighth Division of the Prison: Dong Daliang (Head), Li Zhejiang (Political Instructor), Zai Jianhua and Cui Long
Perpetrators: Xiao Hua, Wang Songling, Liu Jun (the perpetrator who tortured Dafa practitioner Hu Wenkui), Qin Jianyong, Wang Haiqing, Li Shengli, Lu Wentian