My name is Taotao, and I am nine years old. One day, I told my mom that I directly came down from heaven to earth, and that I had never reincarnated on earth before. My mom asked if I came here to endure part of her karma. I say that’s for sure. Then she asked some other questions. Below is part of something that I remember from heaven.

Master once helped me see my past: I used to be a Fa-king of a certain heaven, and I had a predestined relationship with Master. I knew Falun Dafa would spread in the human world. In order to assimilate to Dafa, I wanted to reincarnate on earth at great risk, and 105 other Fa-kings at my level also made a pledge to come down to earth to assimilate to Dafa. Master prepared and arranged everything for us. Master hung a small bell in front of my chest. Every other week, the bell would ring twice to indicate Master’s coming to see us. Normally, Master would first come to my world, and have me inform the other Fa-kings about the reincarnation arrangements.

In the heaven of our level, there are two gardens. One is for Gods and Buddhas to chat and play, the other one is designated for the 106 kings to jump down to the earth to assimilate to Dafa. In this garden there is a big Falun named "Falun Rotary Miracle Mirror" which can be opened only by Master. One day Master came, and he asked me to tell the other kings to gather in the garden. He then opened the " Falun Rotary Miracle Mirror," in which all information on earth is displayed, including the names of our future parents and their children. When I saw my present name at first glance, I enjoyed it very much, and I immediately chose my present parents as my reincarnation family. Actually, other Fa-kings also chose my present parents, but since I was the first to pick them, Master arranged me as their child.

When all of the kings chose their parents, Master told us: "Now just jump down. At a certain level, a Buddha will pick you up." I was the first one to jump. It was 20 minutes later that I was picked up by the Fa-king of the Diamond World, a thousand-hand Tathagata. The other 105 kings arrived one after the other. We stayed in the Diamond World for seven days, which was seven years accordingly on Earth. I was designated as the angel in charge of numbers. This is the reason why I was so sensitive to numbers when I grew up in the human world.

Similarly, there is also a very beautiful garden in the Diamond World, and a huge, twinkling wood in the garden. In the seventh day, Master told us to jump into the tummies of our respective moms from that wood.

I know some little fellow practitioners have also directly come down to assimilate to Dafa from a high level like me, but some little fellow practitioners obtained Dafa after enduring countless hardships in their previous lives in human world. However, regardless of your past, one who has obtained Dafa is the luckiest and most fortunate life in the universe. So we should do well the three things and keep up with the Fa rectification process, to save our sentient beings and fulfill our prehistoric vows, so that we can return back to our own World where we came from, as Master wrote In Hongyin,:

Fulfilling the Vow

With shared purpose did you come to the earth,
And in gaining the Fa you took the lead.
One day shall you ascend to the heavens,
Then free, unfettered, with the immeasurable power of Fa.