(Clearwisdom.net) At around 10:00 p.m. on May 5, Mr. Jiang Xiquan had just gone to bed. Suddenly he heard knocking, and he got up and opened the door. Six strong men charged through the door, and rummaged all through the room. They confiscated the book, Zhuan Falun, several of Master Li's lectures, a photo of Master Li, as well as some truth-clarification material and CD-ROMs. They then arrested Mr. Jiang Xiquan without giving a reason.

Mr. Jiang is 56 years old. His wife witnessed their home being ransacked and her husband's illegal arrest and became very frightened. She waited up the entire night, but by dawn, her husband had not returned. Later, she found out that it was Jiang and Wu (both male, first names unknown) from the same village who had led those men, including policemen from Guxian Town Police Station and Pingdu City 610 Office agents, to her home that night. They asked Jiang Xiquan, after charging through the door, "We heard you are practicing Falun Gong, right? We have come here to verify it."

The next day, at around 4:00 a.m., Mr. Jiang was transferred to the 610 Office in Pingdu City, Shandong Province.

This was during the busy farming season. After Mr. Jiang was arrested, only his wife was left at home, and she was unable to finish all of the chores. Mr. Jiang's wife went to Jiang Haibo to seek help for her husband. He agreed to ask around, but three days passed, and there was no word about her husband. Then Jiang Haibo said, "We need money to be able to help your husband." He said that he needed money to bribe certain people. Mr. Jiang's wife had to borrow money from others. She finally gathered about 4,500 yuan, and gave the money to Jiang Haibo. Later, Jiang Haibo told her that this money was spent on entertaining certain people and also to give them gifts for seeking their help.

On April 20, Mr. Jiang Xiquan's wife, together with Jiang Haibo and Peng (male, first name unknown), visited Town Governor Chen in Guxian Town. They planed to go to Pingdu City and try to get Mr. Jiang back from the custody of the 610 Office. Right before arriving at the 610 Office, Jiang Haibo asked Mrs. Jiang Xiquan for another 3,100 yuan, and again said it was to be used for bribing certain people.

After they arrived at the 610 Office, they waited a long time, and still didn't get to see Mr. Jiang Xiquan. After waiting, an officer from the 610 Office came out and extorted another 500 yuan from Mr. Jiang's wife. This time it was said that the money was for living expenses for her husband. After surrendering the money to the officers, they released Mr. Jiang Xiquan.

When they returned home, Jiang Haibo asked two more times for money totaling about 700 yuan. It was said to be used for bribing certain people again.

On May 17, the police station again sent policemen to Mr. Jiang's home to arrest him. When they arrived at Mr. Jiang's home, they didn't find him there. They then drove to the fields and asked for Mr. Jiang. They didn't find him there either and they left. Later, Jiang Haibo called Mr. Jiang Xiquan's home and told him that officers from the police station were looking for him. He asked Mr. Jiang to go to the police station, and he promised that Mr. Jiang would not be in trouble. Jiang Xiquan and his family believed Jiang Haibo, so Jiang Xiquan rode his bicycle to the Guxian Police Station. He was, however, detained and he was immediately transferred to the Disciplinary Detention Center in Pingdu City. That evening, an officer from the police station called and told Mr. Jiang's family to bring some clothes for Mr. Jiang Xiquan before 6:00 a.m. the next day. His family asked to see Mr. Jiang, but they were refused.

At the police station in Guxian Town, Mr. Jiang's family learned that he had been illegally sentenced to forced labor for two years. That same day, he was transferred to a forced labor camp in Wangcun Town, Zibo City, Shandong Province, where he has been continually tortured.