(Clearwisdom.net) While people across the world pay attention to human rights violations, there are worrying cases occurring in Russia. Russia customs denied entry to seven Falun Gong practitioners on September 26, 2006, who took a train from Kiev to Moscow.

Victoria has practiced Falun Gong for about two years. She said that the customs officials told them they were denied entry. From the officials, the practitioners did not get any concrete reasons for the denied entry. It was the third similar case of Russia customs denying entry of Ukraine Falun Gong practitioners.

Someone told the practitioners that the order was from the Russian Border Administration Bureau, which received a telegram with "confidential" notice from higher level administration. Thus the Border Administration Bureau had no power to give out any information or explain the reasons.

The custom officials said, "You are denied entry to Russia. Check with the prosecutor to get the reasons for the denial order." There was a confidential list, on which are names and information of those who are not allowed to enter Russia. Passport information of almost all Ukraine Falun Gong practitioners was recorded on the list.

Similar cases carry a system infringement of human rights. Ukraine Falun Gong practitioners expressed they would investigate and provide a more detailed report.