(Clearwisdom.net) After I had dinner and tidied up in a hurry one evening, I quickly turned on the computer, and connected the ink-jet printer, planning to print some copies of "Minghui Weekly." However, after printing about three pages, the printer started to malfunction. The printer normally works fine. The paper either jammed or mis-fed, and then stopped, and several pages were wasted. No matter how I communicated with the printer, it was useless and sending forth righteous thoughts did not help. I was so anxious and wondered what was wrong. At that moment my husband, who is also a practitioner, entered the room. He noticed my anxious appearance, reproved me for my many shortcomings, and then joylessly walked out.

I suddenly felt grievance, and my human notions emerged. I thought about how I had been busy the entire day working and doing housework. I thought about how it is not easy for me to make truth-clarification materials. My husband did not come help me, but looked for my shortcomings (actually, he was also making VCDs in another room). The causes he found were not the key points. Fortunately, these thoughts only flashed quickly through my mind, and I immediately cleared them away with righteous thoughts. Teacher told us many times that when we encounter tribulations, we must first look inwards. There must be a reason for this fellow practitioner to blame me. Surely I have loopholes, and therefore the printer would not work as it normally does.

I stopped working and carefully looked back on my every thought. Soon, I reflected on a moment when I took the printer from the cabinet and had the following thoughts: Hey, I worked the whole day, finished my housework and settled down the child, but I still can't rest. It is so hot, there is so much suffering, it has been seven years ¡V when will all this end! At the same time, a word from the evil party leader even emerged in my mind. These thoughts flashed through my mind for one or two seconds, but I did not pay any attention to them. Upon reflection, I discovered that because my thoughts were not right, I feared having a rough time and pursued comfort. Therefore, the printer mis-fed the paper!

I am able to practice Falun Dafa and assist Teacher with Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings during this precious time. How blessed I am, how glorious it is! How can I complain and fear suffering? Furthermore, I actually had some evil party culture in my mind. Although I am certain the thought was not my own, it was able reflect into my mind while I was making truth-clarification materials. It shows that I am not pure enough, and that I have not completely cleared the influence of the party culture.

I immediately began sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all thoughts and notions that do not comply with Dafa, and to completely disintegrate the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) evil spirits, dark minions and rotten ghosts that interfere with me while assisting Teacher with Fa-rectification. After I finished sending forth righteous thoughts, I turned on the machine again. The printer now worked as usual and I quickly printed 40 copies of Minghui Weekly.

Teacher said in "Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles, 2006,"

"In fact, a lot of the gods of the old cosmos think, 'You Dafa disciples are cultivating to such a high level, and you will determine the future of the cosmos. So I won't let you ascend if you fall short even just a little bit.' Even though we can't call these beings 'ruthless,' when it comes to this they absolutely won't give a wrongdoer a way out, nor be lenient with you just because you have done some good things."

The closer to the end, the higher and more strict are the requirements for Falun Dafa practitioners. If we have any wrong thoughts, if our words and actions are not righteous enough, this could create a loophole for the evil to take advantage of, and hence will interfere with our salvation of sentient beings. I noticed that recently the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom) published quite a few articles concerning rectifying our every thought. Many fellow practitioners have probably already awakened to this issue.

In addition, I realized that no matter what we do, even when we are doing Dafa work, if others criticize us, even though we may think that we do not have these shortcomings which were pointed out by others, we still have to unconditionally look within as Teacher told us. When we truly and calmly look within, we will see our shortcomings. Maybe the shortcomings we find are different than the ones that were pointed out by others, but this form reminds us to look within. If we do not look at ourselves because we do not agree with the other person, then we truly miss out on an opportunity to improve.

At the end of the lecture, "Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles, 2006," Teacher mentioned three "musts" in succession:

"Be sure not to become lax. You must not slack off, and you must not become apathetic."

These are the requirements and a reminder for us that this is what Teacher expects from us. Whenever I feel that my condition is not good or I am not diligent, I remember these three "musts" that Teacher mentioned.

I have walked my cultivation path for nearly eight years and experienced many tribulations. Although I have not yet met Teacher, I know that without Teacher's constant merciful protection, it would be absolutely impossible for me to continue on the path by depending solely on myself. Truly and solidly walking one's path well, and not disappointing Teacher are the best repayments to our great and merciful Teacher.