(Clearwisdom.net) Every time I read reports on the Clearwisdom website about the destruction of sites for making truth-clarifying materials or the arrest of practitioners who make the materials, I feel very upset. We are cultivating in the universal Dafa, and Master has said that practitioners who started to practice in Falun Dafa before July 20, 1999, have already been placed at their positions. Would the evil dare to persecute a practitioner who is totally in the Fa? Would a human being dare to arrest us? I do not mean to criticize practitioners who are arrested, but to share my understandings of the Fa principles. I was also arrested, and my mindset at that time was totally different from what it is at present. It was through Fa study that I thoroughly changed.

Recently, I had the attachment of doing things with the pursuit of complacency. I slacked off in Fa study, and even when I did study the Fa, my heart wasn't in it. Because of this, my Fa study became a formality. I did not discipline myself; instead, I comforted myself with the excuse that I was making truth-clarifying materials. I made myself very busy each day but felt anxious about my busy state. I felt that my body was becoming heavier and heavier. Only when I was faced with the threat of arrest did I start to make up my mind to study the Fa. This time I truly realized why Master always emphasizes the importance of studying the Fa more. When I truly studied the Fa calmly, every word and sentence entered my mind and heart. When I disciplined myself with the Fa principles at all times, eliminated bad thoughts whenever they arose, or asked Master to strengthen me to eliminate the bad thoughts and ideas, I was truly happy and at peace. I felt that I was surrounded by "the Buddha's boundless grace" of Master, that I was beside Master, and that Master was looking after me. Two days later, I suddenly felt incredibly relaxed.

Through this, I have rationally realized the importance of Fa study. Only by studying the Fa well can we cultivate ourselves well and will the things we do be divine. Only by studying the Fa well can we strengthen our righteous thoughts, never get lost on the path towards divinity, and walk righteously our Fa rectification paths. Now I truly treasure the precious opportunity to cultivate in the final stage of the Fa rectification, and try to catch every fleeting minute and second. I do not let bad thoughts enter my mind, and I study and memorize the Fa whenever I have time. When I am walking I recite Hong Yin, "Zhuan Falun," or Essentials for Further Advancement, and I hold myself to the standard of the Fa in all aspects and at all times.

One morning when I was reading "Teaching the Fa in Canada, 2006," I realized my shortcomings in conforming to everyday people's life and also realized the grandeur, compassion, and nobility of Dafa. When I read "Thank you, all", my eyes were full of tears and I could not help putting my hands together and saying, "Thank you, great Master! Your disciple knows his mistake now."

My purpose in writing down my experience of how I failed to realize the importance of Fa study until I walked through a wrong path is to remind fellow practitioners that we must treat Fa study with seriousness. Under no circumstances should we try to find excuses for not studying the Fa. We should study the Fa unconditionally and guarantee time for Fa study every day. This is particularly important for those practitioners who are involved in making truth-clarifying materials. It should be like practicing the exercises: each day, two hours should be guaranteed for Fa study. Furthermore, Fa study should be done while eliminating all bad thoughts or interference and with a calm heart. We should truly dig out our human attachments and eliminate them, and make the three things that we do more divine and pure.

September 7, 2006