(Clearwisdom.net) Harbin City Women's Prison authorities in Heilongjiang Province use inmates to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Deputy prison warden Liu Zhiqiang incites inmates to monitor and torture practitioners. He rewards each inmate with five points a month that apply toward sentence reductions. Inmates who do heavy manual labor in the workshops only receive three or four points a month. Accordingly, the inmates unscrupulously torture and abuse the practitioners.

Cui Hongmei and Xia Fengying are former heads of Group 1, Ward 1. They often used inmates who had been given long sentences and desperately needed points to monitor practitioners. The monitors also pressure the practitioners to give up their belief. In 2005, practitioner Ms. Zhang Linwen, who was later released, was pinned to the floor by about five inmates at around 8:00 p.m. one day in late May. She was facing up and was held down so that she was totally immobilized. She lost consciousness. The practitioners and inmates detained in the west wing section on the fifth floor witnessed this incident. Practitioner Ms. Zhang Liping, who was held at Ward 1, weighed less than 50 kg (110 lbs). Four brawny inmates held her down and sat on her. Some put their hands on her neck and some covered her mouth. Ms. Zhang Liping nearly suffocated.

Around 8:00 p.m. on May 14, 2004, inmates beat ten practitioners held at Group 2, Ward 1. Practitioner Ms. Yao Yuming, who was held at the Infirmary Ward after becoming bedridden from long-term torture, was kicked until her legs turned black and blue. Inmate Zang Shuying beat practitioner Ms. Yu Xiuying until her nose bled. She also kicked Ms. Yu. When practitioner Ms. Zhang Jing tried to stop her from hurting Ms. Yu, Zang Shuying who turned on Ms. Zhang Jing and kicked her until Ms. Zhang Jing's toes were black and blue. Deputy prison warden Liu Zhiqiang eventually admitted that it was wrong to beat people but immediately said, "The inmates are permitted to assist in government work when guard manpower is in short supply." He said to the inmates, "The government supports you. Don't be afraid!" The officials took inmate Zang Shuying's name tag, but did not do anything to punish her for beating the practitioners.

Liu Zhiqiang even forced additional tortures on practitioners who were beaten. Five practitioners, including Guan Shuling and Song Qing, were tortured with the "Big Hang-up" [1], a forbidden torture that is against the law and not to be used even on death row inmates. All other practitioners were handcuffed for more than ten hours.

"Tackle the Fort" Division (this is a metaphor that compares determined Falun Gong practitioners to an enemy fort) and "Reform Base" were established at the Harbin Women's Prison in early 2006. Inhumane methods were used to "reform" practitioners. One or two inmates from each group were selected to join the new divisions. The authorities sealed the doors and windows in the cafeteria on the fourth floor and ordered more than 100 inmates to monitor the practitioners. At the "Tackle the Fort Division," eight inmates were assigned to monitor each practitioner, who was then forbidden to sleep. Inmates on the other side of the fourth floor often heard practitioners being beaten and heard their heart-wrenching screams and cries. Even inmates who shopped at the prison canteen could hear the practitioners. Harbin Women's Prison authorities boasted they would "reform" all the practitioners through various tactics.

Prison warden Xu Longjiang and deputy warden Liu Zhiqiang need to be investigated by The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) for their persecution of innocent people. They should also be brought to justice for using inmates to carry out persecution.

Names of Falun Gong practitioners persecuted by inmates as of early August 2006:

(1) The practitioners monitored by inmates in the Infirmary Ward: Chu Xiuhe, Niu Fengqin, Ni Shuzhi, Yang Meizhen, Yang Zhongqin, Zhang Yan, Zhang Guilan, Tang Yajun, Wang Jinfan, Zhang Feng (now wheelchair-bound due to long-term torture), Zhen Liping, Pan Hua, Du Fenghua, Wang Xiuyue, Li Yushu, Guo Fenglan, Ren Xiuying, Wu Yulan, Huang Yanzhen, Liu Dan, Lu Shuqin, Lin Chunzi, Wang Guangrong, Gao Xiurong, Lu Hongfang, Cao Yingchun, Liu Li, Li Xianglan, Zhang Xiuzhi, Guan Shuyun, Gong Lan, Lou Weiming, Miu Xiaolu, Shi Shuyuan, Zhao Yalun, Ma Fenglan, Jia Shirong, Gao Zhanxia, Jin Yujin, and Men Guangyue.

Vicious inmates who persecuted the practitioners: Xiu Shufen, Jiang Fengyan, Han Liying, Wang Yali, and Liang Ying.

Inmates assigned to monitor the practitioners: Pan Shuxia, Wang Xinhua, Li Guixiang, Yuan Anfen, Wang Guifang, Zhang Zhenhua, Jiao Hongxia, Lu Changrong, Cai Shulan, He Yingjie, Wang Xin, Ge Yali, and Gu Shuqin

Inmate Liang Ying has been persecuting practitioners since 2003. She had a fight with another inmate in 2004 over the persecution of practitioners. The guards beat her until her eyes were bloodshot and her hearing was affected. She didn't change her behavior and continued to persecute practitioners. In late May 2006, she fell from an upper bunk and bled from the nose and ears. She sustained three fractures and lost consciousness.

(2) The practitioners monitored by inmates at Ward 3, the former Ward 5: Li Qingzhen, Ren Lijie, Lu Yingchun, Dong Yazhen, Jiang Fengrong, Zhu Xiumin, Ding Yu, Cheng Fengying, Li Xuelian, Zhu Wenfang, Li Yanjie (released), Liu Chunxia, Zhu Huijun, Du Guijie, Ren Xiuying, Gao Ying, Li Bingqing, Liu Jiangli, Li Ping, Huang Liping, Quan Hongli, Xu Xianping, Liu Lihua, Wei Limei, Zhang Shuqin, Han Shaoqin, Yuan Jing, Wang Ying, Wang Yan, Xu Wenying, Song Yongai, Ren Jihong, Fei Lianzhi, Shi Li, Fu Lihua, Yang Yanqiu, and Zhu Fengying who had learned Dafa as an inmate.

Inmates assigned to monitor the practitioners: Teng Yanping, Zhang Li, Zhang Lisha, Zhang Xiaohong, Li Yan, Xiao Na, Xin Sumei (later transferred to a "Reform" Base), Liu Xin, Liu Wenge, Bu Juan (who monitored practitioner the now-released Ms. Zhang Jing and was later transferred to a Psychiatric Division), Bai Xiaoli, and Yang Fenghua (who monitored Feng Haibo, a practitioner who learned Dafa as an inmate).

(3) Practitioner Yu Xiulan was monitored by Russian inmates at the Education and "Reform" Ward, also called the "Culture and Art Ward."

(4) The practitioners monitored by inmates in Ward 1 on the fifth floor: Li Hongxia, Fan Guoxia, Song Qing, Yu Xiuying, Gao Guizhen, Gao Xiuzhen, Liu Xuewei, Zhang Liping, Liu Shufen, and Zhang Xiaobo.

Inmates were assigned to monitor practitioners Zhang Fan and Tan Hongwei, who were transferred to Ward 8, and practitioner Li Cuiling, who was later released.

Vicious inmates who persecuted practitioners: Hao Wei, transferred to a package workshop; Hou Liping, later transferred to former Ward 7; Wang Liying; Jiang Yajing; Zhang Li; Zhang Feng; and Zhang Xiuyu

(5) The practitioners watched by inmates inWard 1 on the east wing of the sixth floor: Chen Weijun, Liu Hui, Li Zhenying, Wang Shuxia, Yuan Zhanxu, Di Yafen, Zhong Yajun, Liu Chunlan, Chang Xueju, Wang Lihua, Wu Shufang (who was watched by inmate Yu Yinghua), and Xiao Shuzhen (who learned Dafa as an inmate and was monitored by inmate Liu Chunying).

Inmates Du Lijun, Liu Huiying, and Zhang Rubing monitored 11 practitioners as well as several practitioners who did not tell their names.

(6) The practitioners watched by inmates at Ward 1 on the west wing of the sixth floor: Wang Tao, who was later sent to the "Tackle the Fort Division" established after the Service Division; Wang Liwen; Yan Shuhua; Lin Yurong; Zhang Li; and Zhu Xiangqin.

Vicious inmates who persecuted the practitioners: Wang Liying, Zhang Xiuyuan, Jiang Yajing, Tan Hongwei (who was transferred to Ward 8), Wang Yumei, Xin Zhirong, Li Yanping, Yang Yuxue, Yin Lixin, and Zhu Huixiang.

Inmates assigned to watch the practitioners: Lu Hong, Sheng Qiaomei, Man Yunyue, Shan Chunyan, Yan Xijuan, Sang Lin, Men Cui (released), Sun Chunyan, Zhao Lili, and Yang Kun.

(7) The practitioners monitored by inmates in the Group Drill Division: Sun Xiumin, Na Yafang, Xu Peiyan, Gao Xiuqin, Jin Fang, Tao Hongmei, Li Yanfei, Sun Zhifen, Sui Yuhua, Sun Jinkui, Wang Shurong, Zhang Cuiling, and Chen Jinfeng.

Inmates assigned to monitor the practitioners: Ding Hui, Jiang Shufen, Zhao Yitong, Tian Jingli, Li Xia, Zhou Xiaofang, Wang Yang, Xu Yanjie, Yu Chunyan, Li Shufang, Gao Ming, Hao Haiping, and Liu Shuqin.

Vicious inmate who persecuted the practitioners: Hou Huan

(8) The practitioners monitored by inmates at the "Tackle the Fort Division:" Kong Fanying, Yan Chunling, Hu Aiyun, Yu Xiulan, Zuo Yunxia, Wang Yanbo, Tian Guiying, Cheng Peiying. Information blockades prevent us from knowing the exact number of practitioners held in this division.

Inmates assigned to monitor the practitioners: Wang Rong, Luo Ping, Fang Chunlan, Wang Yanjie, Gao Hong, Gu Lili, Men Xiulan, Sun Xiaoqiu, Wang Chun, Wen Xiaoqiu, Ma Hongying, Bao Shuxiang, Diao Chunmei, Xie Xinxin, Guan Jing, Pan Wenjun, Yu Guohua, Shi Jingzhen, Guo Yanhong, Jin Xiuhua, Han Shujie, Liu Xuexiang, Qiu Xiang, and Ma Jing.

Collaborators Jia Jie, Ma Chunhua, and Li Xianglin attacked Dafa at the Group Drill Division.

We don't know whether practitioners Wang Fengying, Ning Yajing and Wang Huixia were held at "Tackle the Fort Division" or the Group Drill Division.

Inmates assigned to monitor the practitioners in the cafeteria: Lu Xiaohua, Men Xiulan, Cui Guiqin, Feng Xiuying, and Zhang Qiuyun.

Inmates assigned to monitor the practitioners in the cafeteria on the fourth floor: Wang Chunying, Yu Ying, Wang Minhua, Yuan Wei, Sun Xuejuan, Zhang Jinhua, and Ma Hongying.

At the "Tackle the Fort Division," eight inmates were assigned to monitor each practitioner. The practitioners were forbidden to sleep. The inmates verbally abused Teacher and Dafa all day long in front of the practitioners. They tried to "reform" people through brainwashing and coercion. The details are hazy because of the information blockade.

(9) Inmates monitor practitioners in Ward 4--the former Ward 7--one-on-one .

Practitioner Lu Meirong was monitored by inmate Shen Huilan; practitioner Wen Jie by inmate Lu Juan; practitioner Hua Xiaojuan by inmate Shang Xiaoyan; practitioner Cheng Xiuhuan by inmate Zhang Xiaohong; practitioner Li Dongxue by inmate Song Xiangyu; practitioner Guan Fenglan by inmate Yan Guixiang; practitioner Zhang Yanhua by inmate Wei Shilan; practitioner Meng Shuying by inmate Li Chunlan; practitioner Liu Hongxia by inmate Guo Haiying; practitioner Zhang Dan by inmate Jin Shunan; practitioner He Chunhua by inmate Yu Xiurong; practitioner Wang Jinyue by inmate Xue Shuhua. Four inmates monitor practitioner Ms. Ba Lijiang, who has been on hunger strike for a very long time. The inmates are: Hu Xiaoguang, Liu Yan, Zhao Yueqin and Tong Jinyan.

Other practitioners persecuted at Ward 4, the former Ward 7: Hu Guiyan, Jia Shumin, Yu Fenglian, Lu Xiuqin, Sun Daoying, Zhang Shuzhi, Sun Chunhuan, Zhu Xiaohong, Tie Junying, Wang Yuzhuo, Zhang Baoying, Jiang Minshan, Bian Yaping, Feng Guojun, Shi Xiuying, Li Guihua, Ren Shuxian, Fu Guichun, Wang Fajuan, Chen Yanmei, Li Jingwei, Sun Guizhi, Qu Yuping, and Wu Xiuhua.

(10) The practitioners monitored by inmates in Ward 8--the former Ward 2--the west wing of the fourth floor:

Practitioners Wang Mingyan and Lu Ping were watched by inmate Wu Fuxiu; practitioners Liu Kun and Deng Jianmei by inmate Fan Dandan; practitioners Yang Lixia and Pan Xihua by inmate Hao Xiuqin; practitioners Yu Yumei and Dong Lingui by inmate Zhang Hong; practitioners Zhang Shuyun and Zhang Dexiang by inmate Guan Xiuyun; practitioner Nie Xumei by inmate Wang Chunhui; practitioner Wang Yuhua by inmate Shan Shuyi; practitioner Lu Yinghua by inmate Sheng Guimin.

Inmates on night duty: Liu Shuxin, Liu Zhiqin, Ma Jinhua, Wang Shulan

(11) The practitioners being monitored by inmates in the east wing of the fourth floor:

Practitioners Lan Hongying and Wang Yanping by inmate Zheng Yumei, practitioners Yan Huijuan and Wang Jianping by inmate Xu Shunmei; practitioners Wang Hongzhou and Zhang Yuzhen by inmate Wang Caihua; practitioners Zhou Chunling and Wang Xiuli by practitioner Shao Jun; practitioners Zhou Chunzhi and Wu Shujie by inmate Zhang Chunrong; practitioners Gao Jiabo and Zhang Jianhui by inmate Jiang Weiping.

Inmates on night duty: Qiao Lixin, Zhao Shuzhen, Li Shasha, Liu Huifang

(12) The practitioners under surveillance by inmates in Ward 8, the former Ward 2, on the fifth floor: Ma Shuhua, Pu Yingshu, Li Xiuying, Wang Aihua and Jia Shuying.

Inmate monitors: Ning Hui, Han Xinglian, Li Yanping, Ma Jing and Li Jinhua.

Practitioners: Guan Yingxin, Zhao Xin, Qin Shuzhen, Zhan Jie, Yang Xiaolin, Han Ying, Xu Youqin and An Zhen

Inmate monitors: Wang Junying and Li Ailian


(1) There are two forms of the "Big Hang Up" torture: A. With both hands handcuffed behind the back and only the toes touching the ground, one is hung by a rope that is tied to a metal window frame; B. One hand of a practitioner is handcuffed to one bunk bed and the other hand to another bunk bed; the two beds are pulled in opposite directions. It is extremely painful as the body is pulled.