(Clearwisdom.net) Authorities at the Women's Prison of Heilongjiang Province have illegally extended the prison terms of more than a dozen inmates who became Falun Dafa practitioners while in prison. These inmates learned Falun Dafa after they came into contact with the practitioners who were "illegally imprisoned" there since July 20, 1999. After they became practitioners, they finally understood the true meaning of life and became truly good people. The guards and other inmates witnessed their positive changes.

Nevertheless, the authorities at the prison have not spared this special group of practitioners. One of the tactics the authorities use is to forgo the reduction of their prison terms. Since 2000, as long as the inmates practice Falun Dafa and follow the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, their prison terms will not be reduced. The second tactic used to persecute them is to extend their prison terms. The excuse for the extension is straight forward: "Because you practice Falun Gong!"

With regard to those whose prison terms have been extended, the relevant department has established regulations which stipulate that they must be released. This has been carried out in many other prisons, but it has never been followed in the Women's Prison of Heilongjiang Province. Simply because one practices Falun Dafa and strives to be a good person, she can then not be released when her term is up?

Women's Prison of Heilongjiang Province (a.k.a. Harbin Women's Prison):

Xiao Lin, head of prison reeducation section, ext.8130

Procuratorate of Harbin Women's Prison: 86-451-82030982

Reporting telephone for Binjiang Procuratorate of Harbin City: 86-451-86663178

Binjiang Procuratorate of Harbin City: 86-451-82359148

Office of Binjiang Procuratorate of Harbin City at Harbin Women's Prison:86-451-86663178

Prison Administration Bureau, Heilongjiang Province: 86-451-6335924

Director (of Prison Administration Bureau) Reception day contact numbers:

86-451-86316442, 86-451-86342238, 86-451-86342139