(Clearwisdom.net) Yu Jiejun, a policeman from Longkou City, Shandong Province, has persecuted many Falun Gong practitioners. Now we want to expose him so that local people will know about his crimes.

After Mr. Zhao Yanhu was arrested for practicing Falun Gong, Yu Jiejun slapped his face several times while he was interrogating him. Yu also used a wooden board about 40 centimeters long, two-and-a half-centimeters thick, and 12 centimeters wide (a 1" x 4" board a few feet long) to beat Mr. Zhao on his face in order to force the interrogation. Several days later, Mr. Zhao Yanhu's face was still bruised and so painful that he didn't dare wash it.

Yu beat Mr. Kong Tiezhu (who is currently in a forced labor camp) until he was black and blue all over. Mr. Kong's eyes were so swollen after the beating that he could hardly see to walk down the road. He had to hold onto the wall to find his way. All his fingernails were burned with cigarettes and fell off. His ankles were bruised and bleeding from heavy shackles. His feet were so swollen that he could hardly walk. Another prisoner saw this and challenged Yu Jiejun, "What should you do after you beat someone up like that?" With a guilty conscience, Yu had nothing to reply. After the director of the detention center saw Mr. Kong's condition, he didn't dare take him to the detention center. Yu Jiejun was forced to send Mr. Kong Tiezhu to the hospital.

On September 29, 2000, Ms. Yang Sumin was on her way to Beijing to validate Dafa and she stopped by to see her son in Longkou City. After the city public security bureau learned about this, they asked her, "Who told you to go to Beijing?" She said that no one else asked her to go and that she had chosen to go by herself. That same evening she was taken to Zhangjiagou Detention Center. They started to interrogate her on October 20. During the interrogation, Yu Jiejun and Ms. Ma Shumei beat Ms. Yang Sumin until she could hardly hear. Ms. Yang 's teeth were so injured that she could hardly open her mouth or eat anything. There was also a big bump on her head. She was tortured for three days and nights. At night she was forced to stand up without holding onto a desk, chair, or the wall. She was also not allowed to sleep. A policeman secretly asked her to sit down on a stool for a little while. When Yu saw this, he took the stool away immediately and refused to let her sit down.

At noon on January 7, 2001, two policemen from the Dachenjia Town Police Substation suddenly broke into Mr. Wang Maoye's home in Dianhou Village to arrest Mr. Wang Maoye and his wife, Ms. Zhang Yuanqing, and take them to the Dachenjia Town Police Substation. By 2:00 p.m., Yu Jiejun was already beating the couple, both of whom were over 60 years old. He beat them until 8:00 p.m., trying to force them to admit that they had given out truth-clarifying materials. The couple were beaten black and blue.

Practitioners, including Ms. Wei Hong, Ms. Wang Hongyu, Ms. Yang Meijuan, Ms. Wu Manping, Ms. Sang Hong, Wang Qinghua, Ms. Wang Hongju, Ms. Ding Suxian Jiang Zhen and others were all beaten severely by Yu Jiejun. It is a heavenly principle that whoever owes a debt has to pay it back. All the practitioners who have been persecuted will surely seek justice.