(Clearwisdom.net) On September 9, 2006, to welcome the new school season, Minghui School of Bridgewater City, New Jersey, held an opening ceremony. The parents and students look forward to the Minghui school bringing more traditional Chinese culture to the students. The mayor of Bridgewater signed a proclamation in honor of the school and attended the opening ceremony in person.

Mayor Patricia Flannery poses for a photo with students

Mayor Flannery thanked the Minghui School for bringing Chinese traditional culture to the city of Bridgewater. She wished students well in their progress during the new school year. Parents were very happy to see the mayor pose for a photo with the students.

There was an interlude before the opening ceremony. The building administration forgot to send someone to open the door for the school on that day. The mayor called the company and solved the problem so the class could start on time. The opening ceremony was short and solemn.

The school currently has 38 students. Most of them are returning students. Many parents overcame many difficulties to send their children to the school. One family in New York read the news about the New Jersey Minghui School and drove four hours to attend the opening ceremony. After participating in the first day's classes, the family decided to commute to the Minghui School by train every week.