(Clearwisdom.net) Ma Zhiwu was a staff member in the sub-bureau office of the railroad system in Yinchuan City. He was illegally arrested in Beijing when he went to appeal for Falun Gong in September of 1999. Because he didn't want to give up his practice, he was persecuted at the Yinchuan Detention Center. The abuse he had to endure included beatings, being hung up with his hands cuffed behind the back, being forced to wear heavy torture instruments and other tortures. He was unconstitutionally imprisoned in a forced labor camp for three years. Since he protested the persecution by going on a hunger strike in the labor camp in 2000, he was then unlawfully sentenced to six years in October 2001. He then experienced persecution in the Wuzhong Prison.

Ma Zhiwu suffered from all kinds of torture during seven years imprisonment. For example, he was brutally beaten numerous times by policemen or other criminals using leather tubes, pickaxe handles, rubber sticks and/or electric batons. He was forbidden to fall asleep continuously for two weeks. Other tortures included two months of being hung up with hands cuffed behind the back, hanging up in the air, sitting on a tiger bench, baking under the hot sun for a long time, having bricks tied around the neck, tying sand bags on the lower legs, being put in shackles, violent force-feeding, and other abuses.

Ma Zhiwu went on a number of hunger strikes and refused to drink water more than ten times to protest the persecution. The total strike time amounted to over two months. The police in the Wuzhong Prison awarded points and reduced the sentence of criminals who supported the persecution and carried out the tortures on Ma Zhiwu. According to what the released prisoners said, in less than one year, prisoners, as a group, beat Ma Zhiwu brutally on four occasions. In order to cover up their wrongdoings, for the past two years the police prohibited Ma Zhiwu's family member from visiting him. They also threatened the prisoners who were about to get released, "No leaking of prison secrets." They prevent even a word of truth about the persecution to reach the outside. In the meantime, they prevented prisoners from Yinchuan City from getting close to Ma Zhiwu.

Ma Zhiwu's wife is Dafa practitioner Sun Yajuan. She has had a difficult time making a living for herself and their young daughter. Some evildoing persons often illegally rushed in and searched her house. To force her to give up the practice, police from the West Garden station in Yinchuan took away Sun Yajuan's two-year-old daughter on Nov. 20, 2001, as blackmail and to threaten her

Within a two-year period, Sun Yajuan went back and forth between Wuzhong Prison and the Yinchuan Prison Management Bureau many times, but her request to see Ma Zhiwu was denied without reason. His daughter met her father in prison only a few times over these seven years.

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Wen Xinghua, Prison Bureau Party secretary: 86-952-6193368(Office) 86-13709500953(Cell), 86-952-5065601(Home)
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Ma Chengjiang, prisoner from Tongxin town who beat Ma Zhiwu and participated in the persecution
Li Xijin, prisoner from Guyuan town who beat Ma Zhiwu and participated in the persecution

July 8, 2006