(Clearwisdom.net) I am from Qingshui Village, Guanjiazui Township, Qidong County, Hunan Province. I am 67 years old. Before I started to practice Falun Gong in 1998, I had several diseases, such as the after-effect of a brain concussion, stomachache, leg and lower back pain, periodontosis, which made my gums bleed often, and several undiagnosed diseases. I took a lot of medicine; however, my diseases still couldn't be cured. My health condition was getting worse. A fortuneteller told me that I would die before I was 60 years old. I believed the fortuneteller's words, since I had been sent to hospital emergency rooms twice and my weight had dropped to 60 kilograms.

After practicing Falun Gong, I conducted myself strictly according to the requirements in Master's books. With improved morals, I became a better person. In less than half a year, all my diseases were cured and my weight increased to 68 kilograms. I've helped a lot of people since I've practiced Falun Gong. All my villagers remarked, "Falun Gong is good."

However, beginning on July 20, 1999, the corrupt gang led by Jiang Zemin, started to persecute and torture Falun Gong and the practitioners without any reason. Many sentient beings were cheated, deceived, and poisoned by the lies and slander fabricated by the state-controlled media. In July 2002, I clarified the truth by writing a 6-page letter to the Political Security Division of the Qidong County Police Department, telling about the benefits that I obtained from practicing Falun Gong. In less than 10 days, Li Wei, from the Qidong County Police Department, Zhou Shanpu, and Zhang Boyun, both from the Qikuang Police Station, came to my home, illegally arrested me, and sent me to the Qidong Detention Center. Li Wei called my son and asked him to come to the Qidong Detention Center. My son was extorted out of about three thousand yuan, including 400 yuan living expense for my detention. After 15 days, I was released.

Around October 20, 2004, while two fellow practitioners and I were clarifying the truth at Shaodong County, we were reported to the Jianjialong Police Department. Two policemen came to arrest me. One of them used stones to hit me, making my head bleed. In the police car, after they tied me up with ropes, a policeman punched one of my legs fiercely with his fists.

When the police car arrived at the Shaodong County Police Department, I found my leg was so swollen that it was about 50 percent larger than the other one and had turned a purple color. My leg was so swollen, I could not get out of the car without two policemen's support. After preparing my documents, they sent me to a detention center. I was assigned to the 12th Group. In the evening, the guards arranged for five people to savagely beat my head, ears, and ribs. They asked me if Master was good or not. I said, "Good. He asks us to become good people, and uplift our moral quality. Our diseases are all cured." They beat me even more cruelly and asked me again, "Is the Tiananmen Square self-immolation and murders by Falun Gong practitioners real or not?" I said, "The self-immolation and murders are both fake. They were created to defame Falun Gong." Again, they started to fiercely beat me. In this way, they repeatedly beat me and then asked me questions. When their hands started to ache from beating me, they beat me with their shoes. After about one hour, a guard stopped them. I did not surrender during the entire period.

After a couple days, a perpetrator said to me, "Originally, you had a healthy body. Now, what kind of shape are you in? Will you practice Falun Gong or not?" He told me to sign a guarantee statement in order to leave detention, otherwise, I may die there. I said, "There is nothing wrong with being a good person. I won't give up my practice." After several days, I could not see or hear clearly, as my face was so swollen and disfigured from the beatings.

At the 40th day in the detention center, while waiting for the guard to open the door in the morning, I fainted and fell to the ground. It scared all the other prisoners in the room. The perpetrators felt that my life was in danger and requested the guards to transfer me to the 14th Group. Since all the people imprisoned in the 14th Group are sick patients, and there was no labor work assigned, I agreed to the transfer. However, after I arrived at the 14th Group, the perpetrators ordered me to have a shower with cold water; I refused to do it. The perpetrators seriously beat me again.

With the help of my relatives, I was released after being imprisoned for 45 days.

At the 12th Group of the detention center, I suffered from a mental collapse and my face was disfigured from the serious beatings. When the guards saw that my life was in danger, they requested a policeman from Jianjialong Police Department come and interrogate me. After the interrogation, the policeman asked me to sign the verbal report and I did it. When he read the report to me, I found that some of the content was related to the anti-government issue. But he left immediately, before I had a chance to ask him about it. Later, when I went back home, this document was mailed to the Qingshuitang Police Department.

I started a hunger strike for four days to protest the fact that Falun Gong was falsely categorized as an anti-government organization. The guards just left me alone. They were afraid to be held responsible for my death. After I left the detention center, I understood that the police department extorted five thousand yuan from my family, including one thousand yuan for my living expense in the detention center.

In May 2005, while traveling to Wuhan City, Policemen from Qingshuitang Police Department, including Liu Fangzhi, ransacked my home. Within an hour, they took away Master's picture, Falun Gong books, lecture audiotapes, two sets of exercise audiotapes, and some experience sharing materials.

Why am I forbidden to become a good person? Isn't it better to have a higher number of good people? I hope that all the compassionate people around the world can support righteousness and help bring back human morality. In this way, we can have stable societies and righteousness will exist forever.