(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wang Guili, 47, lived in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province. She started practicing Falun Gong in 1998. Ms. Wang went to Beijing to appeal and clarify the truth in February 2000. Plainclothes police officers unlawfully arrested her in front of the Bureau for Letters and Calls in Beijing and sent her to the Jiamusi City Liaison Office in Beijing. Officials from the Yonghong District Police Department in Jiamusi City took her back later on. She was held in a detention center for over a month. The persecutors extorted her family for between 3,000 and 4,000 yuan.

Ms. Wang Guili returned to Beijing to appeal in December 2000 and was once again arrested by a group of police officers before reaching Tiananmen Square. Ms. Wang was put in a big metal cage at the Tiananmen Police Department. The cage was already filled with Falun Gong practitioners ranging in age from four-year-old children to elderly practitioners in their 80s. The practitioners were forced to stand from morning until late at night. The police officers constantly threw newly-arrested practitioners in the cage and also kept sending practitioners who were held in the cage to other places. They never provided any food or water.

Ms. Wang Guili was one of those held at the Dongcheng District Detention Center in Beijing. The police officer kept threatening her in the car on the way. Ms. Wang was stripped naked and body-searched at the Dongcheng District Detention Center. She was forced to sleep on a bare bunk bed without a quilt or other bedding. She went on a hunger strike to protest the detention and was transferred to another police department in Beijing. The police interrogated and tortured her day and night. They coerced practitioners to tell their names and addresses. The police made Ms. Wang bend over at a 90-degree angle, with her hands behind her back. In addition, they also put wooden stools on her back and arms for several hours. Ms. Wang lost consciousness. About eight police officers persecuted her. Ms. Wang was later sent to the Jiamusi City Liaison Office in Beijing.

Ms. Wang Guili was reported on November 22, 2001 when she was distributing truth-clarification materials. A group of officers from the Songjiang Police Station in Jiamusi City took her to the police station and handcuffed her to a metal chair all night and sent her to a detention center at dawn. Officers from the Songjiang Police Station also ransacked her home and took four Dafa books and Teacher’s pictures. Wang Guili held a protest hunger strike at the detention center. She was released about two months later when she was on the brink of death. During this period, Chen Wanyou from the National Security Division of the Jiamusi City Police Department deceived Wang Guili’s family into writing a guarantee statement by falsely promising to release Ms. Wang, but they actually continued to detain her. They lied to the family and said, "Wang Guili refused to go home."

Zhao Zhiming and two other officials from Jiaxi Police Station in Yonghong District, Jiamusi City broke into Wang Guili’s home on the evening of April 9, 2002. Zhao Zhiming said, "This is the new police chief, Zhang, and the other man is the political head." Zhang asked Ms. Wang Guili, "Do you know Chang Yulong? He has been promoted to a Bureau head and wants to see you." Chang Yulong was an employee at the Youyi Candy Factory in Jiamusi City. Wang Guili’s daughter was sleeping at the time of the police break-in, and her husband was at work. Ms. Wang said that she should notify her husband before leaving with the police, but the police said, "No, that’s not necessary. It will only take two to three minutes." They took Ms. Wang Guili to the Yonghong District Police Department. The police knew that they had no reason to arrest her and yet sent her to a detention center after midnight without going through any due procedure. Group head Shi took more than 100 yuan in cash from Ms. Wang’s pocket when sending her away.

In the more than ten ensuing months during which time Ms. Wang Guili was held at the detention center, the procuratorate interrogated her twice. Ms. Wang stated the facts. The police said to her, "We will report it to the government." However, the police fabricated charges against her and illegally sentenced her to four years in prison without any procedure or signature. They sent her to Harbin City Women’s Prison on January 15, 2003.

Ms. Wang Guili was in very poor health when she arrived at Harbin Women’s Prison. She could not take care of herself and had to be carried into a vehicle. During the physical examination, the doctor at the prison said, "I can’t detect your blood pressure; let’s just write 50. We have orders from above that the deaths of Dafa practitioners are counted as suicides." Ms. Wang Guili was unconscious the whole day and found herself lying on a table when she came to.

Ms. Wang Guili recalls persecution at the prison:

We were watched around the clock, including during restroom visits at night. Four criminal inmates constantly monitored us. We sat on a piece of cardboard on the concrete floor each day. I could not stretch my legs and I could not double-cross them to do the meditation exercise. Once I finally crossed my legs, but the guards immediately found out. Six of them surrounded me and slapped my face. They dragged me into a cell and handcuffed me to the bed frame. I could neither squat nor stand.

The guards at Division 7 often beat people. One time, right after I closed my eyes, official Lin Jia came over and hit and kicked me and forced me to stand. They often go through everything in the cell, mostly targeting Dafa practitioners. Lin Jia even once took my note-papers, envelopes and stamps.

We were forced to sit on small hard stools inside the cell in the summer of 2003 and were forbidden to have a pad. The room was poorly ventilated. I developed a widespread rash on my buttocks. It hurt so much that I felt as if I were sitting on needles, leaving me no choice but to stand up.

We were not given coats or heavy pants in the winter when we stayed inside the cells at all times. One morning, they suddenly called us out. The guards wore steel helmets and held electric batons. They ordered us to go into the wilderness and exposed us to freezing cold weather. The prison is built within a large pit and the temperature there is normally several degrees lower than at ground level. We shook in the cold weather. When I recited Dafa articles, Lin Jia snuck up to me and listened to me, and she threatened me when I went to the restroom at noon, "Will you recite it ever again?" Some practitioners were so chilled that they could not walk, and other practitioners lost consciousness. We were forced to stay out for over a dozen days.

One time when I was picked during roll call, I said, "Falun Dafa is good!" Division head Kang called me over after the roll call. The guards had already prepared ropes. Kang said to them, "Tie her up for good!" They tied my hands behind my back and hog-tied me. I cannot describe the pain. They left me in a washroom for three days and three nights. I was so exhausted, yet I could not sleep due to the pain. I was extremely weak. My physical condition was never normal during the time I was held at the detention center. My endocrine system was in disorder, so I did Falun Gong exercises every morning. One day Lin Jia talked to me and said that division head Kang had spoken to her regarding my doing the Falun Gong exercises. I related my poor health to her. Lin Jia said, "You’ve been here for a long time. Who in your family still cares about you?" I said, "When my family members come to see me, you lie to them and tell them that I don’t want to see them, which has created huge misunderstandings between us. So many Dafa practitioners’ families have been broken up from your persecution!" Even to this day, I have been unable to bridge the gap between my family and myself, a gap the guards created.

Dafa practitioners were allowed to make outgoing phone calls for the first time in 2004. When it was my turn, Lin Jia refused to let me use the phone because she feared the resulting communication between my family and me. She would not let my family see me and forbade me to write letters. Lin Jia tried to isolate me from my family and destroy my will, in order to "reform" me.

The prison subjected Dafa practitioners to forced blood tests in 2005, which must have had something to do with live organ harvesting.

I strongly urge justice-loving organizations and people around the world to extend a helping hand, to join us in ending this evil atrocity and to completely disintegrate the Chinese Communist Party dictatorship.