(Clearwisdom.net) On July 28 2006, Mr. Zhang Hongwei's family went to Jilin Jail and requested to see him. Following is the conversation between Wang Yanling, director of the meeting office, and Mr. Zhang's family.

Wang Yanling:"You cannot see him because he performs badly. If he acts better, he can be released sooner."

Mr. Zhang's family: "In June, you prevented us from visiting for three months with the excuse that we mentioned 'cultivation'. In May, Mr. Zhang just said he was not allowed to sit quietly, and you stopped our conversation.

Wang Yanling: "You have no evidence."

Family: "Then where is your evidence that we said something prohibited? The phone is monitored, you only emphasize what happened in June and did not mention what happened in May.

Wang Yanling: "That is not possible. It is useless to say without evidence."

Family: "You can bring the tape to see whether we said anything prohibited."

Wang Yanling: "It is not necessary."

Then she closed the door.

Deputy Director Liu then called the family into the meeting room and had this conversation with them.

Liu: "Do not speak outside. You cannot meet with him today. It is Friday."

Family: "How about Monday?"

Liu: "OK. Please go home."

On July 31 Mr. Zhang's family returned and spoke with Deputy Director Liu, another warden and Wang Yanling. They asked to visit Mr. Zhang.

Liu: "We are studying it. Wait for a while."

Another warden: "Since we let you come, you must be able to see him."

However, after a few minutes, Liu left and Wang Yanling came out.

Wang: "Zhang Hongwei performs badly. The family did not cooperate with us either and so we have stopped your visitation privileges for another three months. This is the jail's decision."

The family called Tan Fuhua, the jail's chief administrator, who said he was not in charge of this affair. He claimed the family had violated police rules. Mr. Zhang's family asked to speak with him upstairs but he refused.

In Jilin Jail, people are not allowed to mention "cultivation," and the police can punish practitioners by putting them in small cells for two years, beating and abusing without cause.

The wardens said that Mr. Zhang Hongwei started a hunger strike and he has been out of the hospital. It is not allowed to let a patient with lung tuberculosis stay in jail. Jilin Jail breaks the law and disseminates the infection source. They even forbid the family from seeing him.

Zhang Hongwei's life is in grave danger. Wang Yanling prevents his family from seeing him. Wang is responsible for Mr. Zhang Hongwei’s health and any consequences.

Tan Fuhua: 86-432-4881551-3666