(Clearwisdom.net) Based on information from multiple sources and disclosures from insiders, under the instructions from the local 610 Office and Judiciary Committee, on July 19 2006, Guangxi Hepu, the Procuratorate and the Court abused the law, and going through formalities, put Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhang Zhihui on trial.

During the illegal trial, while the prosecutor was reading the false charges and answering questions from the judge, his voice was low and indistinct. In the large court room, the front row visitors could not even hear what the prosecutor and the judge were saying. There was no lawyer present to defend Mr. Zhang either-- Mr. Zhang could only defend himself in court by saying he was not guilty. Based on information from inside sources, because Mr. Zhang stood firm and did not acknowledge the false charges, the officials intended to force charges on him.

Prior to the trial, Mr. Zhang's family did not receive either a court notice or a summons. If it were not for Mr. Zhang notifying his family by telephone from jail, this illegal trial might have been processed very quietly.

Mr. Zhang used to be an elementary school teacher at Hepu county, Guangxi province. He was terminated from the school system in 2000 because he practiced Falun Dafa. He was sent to the Guangxi Men's Forced Labor Camp and was persecuted there because he publicly clarified the truth about the persecution. Mr. Zhang was finally released after being held longer than his original sentence at the labor camp. Since he needed to support his two preschool age children, he and his wife were forced to go out and work hard labor to make a living.

In March 2006, when Mr. Zhang and his wife came back from a job, about five or six plainclothes local 610 office agents had come to his home in an unmarked van. They lied and said they came to check his electric meter. They tricked Mr. Zhang into opening his door and abducted him again. He is still illegally detained.

Since the persecutors fear exposure, they use the law to cover their actions, and threaten those who know the facts in order to keep their actions hidden. In addition, they also persecute and intimidate those who are concerned.

Huang Dewen, the head of the 610 Office, and Chen Fu and Pang Ying from the National Safety Team of the Hepu County Police Department persecuted Dafa practitioners cruelly between 2002 and 2003. For example, after they locked a practitioner in a room, they used a blanket to block the window, and then put a cloth bag over the practitioner's body and stepped all over him. They drilled into his body with an electric drill. They tortured Dafa practitioner Li Yuemei so severely thatshe could not even walk. After she was carried back to the detention center, she could not even take care of herself for a month.

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