(Clearwisdom.net) Note: The following is a shortened version of a longer and more detailed article that appeared on the Minghui.org website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net).

Dafa practitioner Mr. Li Qingson worked for an agriculture company in Qian'an City, Hebei Province, and his wife Zhou Xiuxia worked in a meat factory there. On January 20, 2000, Mr. Li pointed out in a work unit meeting where people were reading articles slandering Dafa, that everything written in the articles about Dafa was fabrications and lies. Because of this he was detained for fifteen days and fined three thousand yuan. His wife was forced to pay a fine of one thousand yuan.

On the morning of July 14, 2001, police officers came to search Mr. Li's house and illegally arrested Mr. Li and his wife, taking them to the Qian'an Detention Center. Mr. Li was held there for six months and then sent to Hehuakeng Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan City for one year. His wife was imprisoned in Qian'an Detention Center for almost one year before she was released.

On the afternoon of September 1, 2003, Mr. and Mrs. Li and their five-year-old daughter were all illegally arrested. The next day, family members retrieved the child from police custody. The couple was kept in the detention center for one month and then transferred to a brainwashing center. After enduring two weeks of abuse in the brainwashing center, one of Mr. Li's eyes began bleeding from some unknown retinal problem. He was released upon his family's strong demands. His wife, Zhou Xiuxia was kept in this brainwashing center for another fourteen months.

On the afternoon of August 28, 2004, police officers illegally arrested Mr. Li at his home and sentenced him to two years in Hehuakeng Forced labor Camp in Tangshan City.

On October 25, 2005, when Mr. Li's family went to visit him in the forced labor camp, his family saw a wound on his temple, which was swollen and oozing pus. The family learned that the wound was the result of a brutal beating by the criminals in Li's cell, instigated by the vicious prison guards.

In the nine months since November 2005, when Mr. Li was transferred to Handan Forced Labor Camp, he has not been allowed even once to have family visits or to write or call his family. His family is very worried about his status.

On the morning of June 1, 2006, Zhou Xiuxia was illegally arrested while handing out truth-clarifying materials, and taken to Qian'an Detention Center. After protesting by hunger strike for thirteen days, she was sentenced to Kaiping Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan City for two years.