(Clearwidom.net) On July 5, 2006, the family members of Dafa practitioner Meng Lijun went to Shandong Province Women's Prison to visit her once again. When Meng Lijun came out with the guards, her family members found that her body looked puffy and she seemed a little bit dull-witted.

After conversing with her, her family members discovered that she could not remember things that had happened to her previously, and she even forgot what she said minutes after saying it.

But she did tell her family members clearly: "They put harmful medicine in my food bowl."

During the one-hour visiting period, she and her family members cried most of the time, and did not talk very much.

When she was sent to prison she was very weak and was carried into the cell. At the beginning, she could not sleep at all.

(Note: Meng Lijun home phone number is 86-531-83803641. Her husband was repeatedly brainwashed by the Communist party and developed a wrong understanding of Dafa as a result, therefore he did not try to rescue her.)

July 13, 2006