(Clearwisdom.net) Villager Ms. Liu Shunqin of Jianyang, Sichuan Province, practiced Falun Dafa, improved her health and strengthened her body. Local Chinese Communist Party officials ransacked and damaged her home. She was twice "illegally sentenced" to forced labor and prison. Her husband died as a result of the persecution. To this day, Ms. Liu Shunqin is still imprisoned at the Sichuan Women's Prison in Yangma Town, Jianyang City, and being brutally persecuted. More details follow.

Ms. Liu, now 57 years old, lives in Xinsheng Group 2, the Xinhepian Region, Dongxi Town, Jianyang City, Sichuan Province. She is a kind person, willing to help people. Before she cultivated Dafa she was already well known in the area for her ability to manage her family and farm well. But due to years of stressful labor, Ms. Liu had developed many illnesses and caused her family great inconvenience. She heard that cultivation in Falun Gong and believing in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance could improve health and strengthen one's body, without spending one penny. After she started practicing, all kinds of strange illnesses were cured without treatment. Because of this, many people in her village later started to practice Falun Gong.

After July 20, 1999, regardless of the fact that Falun Gong was beneficial to a great number of practitioners, the CCP publicly attacked and defamed Falun Gong. Some local officials blindly followed orders from their superiors for their personal interests. They did not distinguish right from wrong, arbitrarily arrested and beat many good people who persisted in the belief of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. They capriciously ransacked and destroyed homes and actively participated in this persecution. They caused the deaths of several practitioners and destroyed their their families. Farm land was left unattended, and houses were left vacant. Ms. Liu Shunqin was one of those practitioners.

In 2001, a gang from Dongxi Town and Village brought officers from the Jianyang City Police Department into the village in several police cars. They illegally arrested the peasant women who cultivated Falun Gong and took seven or eight of them to a detention center. During their interrogations, the police kept asking them who their leader was and wouldn¡¦t release them if they did not answer. It was a busy time for farmers, and the peasants could not afford to leave the elderly and the young unattended or to pay the prison boarding fees. Ms. Liu thought that, since her family was smaller and would be less trouble, she would willingly accept the responsibility and cooperate so that other practitioners could be released quickly. As a result the authorities sent her to the Zizhong City's Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp for two years

Ms. Liu¡¦s practitioner husband,, Chen Juwen is retired from teaching at the Xinhe Primary School. After the CCP started persecuting Falun Gong, his pension was withheld. He had no talent for farming and had difficulty making a living. In December 2001, officials duped him into showing up at a detention center to "have a talk." Mr. Chen Juwen and several other practitioners were unreasonably detained for about 80 days before being released.

Once back home, Mr. Chen could no longer make ends meet because his wife, the accomplished farmer, was in a labor camp. He had to go to different relatives' homes to ask for their help. Vllage officials framed Mr. Chen, saying he was making outside connections and threatened to arrest and imprison him. He decided to go into exile to avoid further persecution. He had to live outdoors and suffered from mosquito bites, leaving red marks all over his body. Eventually he became ill but had no funds for treatment. He died.

By the time Ms. Liu Shunqin was released and went home, her husband had long since passed away. Ms. Liu¡¦s health had gradually deteriorated from long-term forced labor and other trauma from the persecution, as well as grief over her husband's death. She was lonely but resumed farming and repaired her home. Ms. Liu gradually recovered her health through persistent Fa-study and the Falun Dafa exercises.

Before long, around December 2003, several people reported her to the authorities because she continued practicing Falun Gong. Those responsible were: village CCP secretary Huang DaoX, village head Peng Yunpiao, security personnel Wu Bihua, and women¡¦s association leader Fu Hongxia. Agents from the Ziyang City Police Department, from the Jianyang City Police Department, and from the Dongxi Town Comprehensive Security Office, led by head Yang Congxin and others, arrived in several police vehicles and broke into her home. They ransacked and destroyed her home and put her into a vehicle. She was sentenced to three-and a-half years in prison. Ms. Liu Shunqin remains in the Sichuan Province Women's Prison in Yangma Town, Jianyang City.

In this way, a good family was broken apart: the husband is dead, the home is empty, and the land barren, all because of the CCP¡¦s groundless and inhuman persecution.

July 8, 2006