(Clearwisdom.net) On March 11, 2006, Wang Xiaodong, a 39-year-old practitioner from Huadian City in Jilin Province, was illegally arrested again by several policeman led by Yu Jinji and Jin Zhexian. They illegally searched his home. Wang Xiaodong’s mother went to the Huadian City 610 Office and the local court many times, requesting to see her son. The authorities ignored her requests and threatened her instead. On July 6, she waited 6 hours before finally seeing her son, who was handcuffed in an iron cage. Wang Xiaodong’s head was drooped and he didn’t respond to his mother’s voice, as if he couldn’t hear her.

The head of the National Security Brigade of Huadian City Police Department, Yu Jinji and Yang Baolin, of the Huadian City 610 Office are fabricating charges for sentencing Wang Xiaodong. On July 4, the local court judge in charge of Wang Xiaodong’s case, Liu Fengtong told Wang Xiaodong’s mother that his case will be heard soon and his family should come to the courthouse for the case hearing. After Mr. Wang’s family members arrived at the courthouse, Liu Fengtong told them the hearing would not be held that day and he would notify them about the new hearing date. On July 5, Wang’ Xiaodong's mother again asked at the courthouse about her son’s hearing and nobody answered her inquiry.

At around 8:00 a.m. on July 6, 2006, Wang Xiaodong’s mother went to the courthouse again. She ran into Judge Liu Fengtong and a female staff person while waiting in the hallway. She asked Judge Liu Fengtong, "When will Wang Xiaodong’s case be heard?" Judge Liu Fengtong said, "I’ll let you know when it’s the time." The female staff person said, "Go home. Today’s case has nothing to do with you. The judge is in the middle of a case hearing." Mr. Wang’s mother asked Judge Liu Fengtong again, "Please let me know when Wang Xiaodong’s case will be heard." Liu Fengtong said, "Just wait over there. I’ll tell you in a little while."

Mr. Wang’s mother waited until 11:10 a.m. before asking the guard to call Judge Liu Fengtong’s office. The guard got no answer. He said: "They’re not done yet (i.e., the case hearing has not ended yet.)" Mr. Wang's mother had to leave.

Around 2:00 p.m., Wang Xiaodong's mother returned to the courthouse and asked the guard to call again. There was still no answer. The guard said, "They haven’t finished the hearing yet." She had to wait.

Around 3:00 p.m., Mr. Wang's mother saw people from the police department and the 610 Office coming in and out of the courthouse. They all stared at her. She felt that something was wrong.

Shortly afterwards, a staff person from the courthouse came out and said, "You haven’t seen your son for several months. We’ll give you a chance to see him." She followed him and saw Judge Liu Fengtong, the Deputy Court Director Zhang Fuhong, Yang Baolin from the 610 Office, a doctor from the detention center with a medical kit on his back, local Procuratorate Wei Junying and a dozen others. Then she saw her son. Wang Xiao Dong was in an iron cage, wearing handcuffs and shackles. His head was hanging low and he did not speak at all.

She immediately said, "What crime did my son commit? Why did you put handcuffs and shackles on him? What crime is it to practice Falun Gong? Falun Gong practitioners don’t fight back when punched or insulted. They try to be nice people by following the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. Are we afraid there might be too many kind people in the world?" She asked her son, "Why don't you speak? They tortured you. Why don't you say something? You should expose how they arrested and tortured you."

No matter how hard his mother tried, Wang Xiaodong didn’t respond at all. His head continued to droop. It was as if he didn’t hear his mother.

Several people (possibly from the 610 Office) saw that Wang Xiaodong’s mother kept questioning the staff members of the courthouse. They pulled Mr. Wang out of the cage.

He didn’t speak a word during the whole time. His head hung low. His hair was long and covered his face. Several people then pushed his mother out of the courthouse. In a short while, Wei Junying from the local Procuratorate came out of the courthouse. He gave Wang Xiaodong’s mother a cruel smile, jumped into his car and left.

After a while, Yang Baolin from the 610 Office came out. He worked with Yu Jinji, head of the National Security Brigade of Huadian City Police Department, fabricating charges against Wang Xiaodong. Mr. Wang’s mother said to him, "Why are you so cruel? You’re all bad people. To sentence Wang Xiaodong, is to sentence yourselves. How come my son couldn’t speak when I talked to him? Look at the horrible deeds you’ve done." Yang Baolin’s face turned red and he left in his car.

Wang Xiaodong’s mother said to more than 20 onlookers from the courthouse, "Wang Xiaodong used to be sick and spitting blood. After he practiced Falun Gong, he recovered. Is that a crime? What’s wrong with being a good person and following the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance? What these people did to my son is shameful." None of the people said anything and went back into the courthouse.

Around 8:00 a.m. on July 7, Wang Xiaodong’s mother and her niece (Wang Xiaodong’s cousin) went to the courthouse to look for Judge Liu Fengtong. The guard called his office and was told that he was not in. They found Deputy Director Zhang Fuhong of the courthouse.

Wang Xiaodong’s cousin said, "Wang Xiaodong is my cousin. He was beaten so much that he didn’t even recognize his mother. He practiced Falun Gong and followed the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance and tried to be a good person. What’s wrong with that?" Deputy Director Zhang Fuhong said, "You think it’s good to practice Falun Gong. We don’t allow it. His sentence is not set yet. We can have more discussions." She said, "Why didn’t you allow his family members into the courtroom when his case was heard? My aunt didn’t tell me. The court didn’t notify her. If I were here yesterday, wouldn’t you allow me to come in?" Zhang Fuhong said, "They injured Wang Xiaodong. You can go to the Procuratorate to sue them."

After 9:00 a.m., Wang Xiaodong’s mother and cousin went to the local Procuratorate. They didn’t find anybody there and had to go home.

Pertinent Telephone Numbers:

(area code 0432)

Huadian City People’s Court: West Bohai Road, Huadian City, 132400

Director’s Office: 86-432-6244066, 86-432-6248200
Deputy Director’s Office: 86-432-6248202, 86-432-6248208, 86-432-6248203, 86-432-6248207, 86-432-6248206
Party Secretary’s Office: 86-432-6248209, 86-432-6222830, and 86-432-6248239
Huadian City 610 Office: 86-432-6225505; post code: 132400
Director, Zhou Jian: 86-432-6220610, 86-13804448659(Cell), 86-432-6226288(Home)
Deputy Director, Yang Baolin, 86-13704348883, 86-432-6278191(Home)
Huadian City Police Department National Security Brigade, 86-432-6227191
Yu Jinji: 86-13904443621(Cell) 86-432-6270763(Home)
Jin Zhexian: 86-13804448400(Cell) 86-432-6271772(Home)
Huadian City Police Department, 107 Renmin Road, 132400. Fax: 86-432-6232601
Police Chief, Zhang Jikui: 86-432-6235779
Deputy Chief, Chen Wanyi: 86-432-6222206, 86-432-6267688
Secretary General: 86-432-6229986, 86-432-6267287
General Office: 86-432-6222681
Huadian City Government, 201 Renmin Road, 132400
Mayor, Chai Wei, 86-432-6233567, 86-432-6239678

Huadian City Police Department

Head, Ren Qingshi: 86-432-6265432(Home) 86-432-6235779(Office) 86-13704446599(Cell)
Deputy Head, Chen Wanyi: 86-432-6227179(Home)
Deputy Head, Pan Jinku: 86-432-6221698(Home)
Deputy Head, Liu Jingyu: 86-432-6228999(Home)
Deputy Head, Han Jingwu: 86-432-6277555(Home)
Party Secretary, Wang Guangxue: 86-432-6235779(Office) 86-432-6234159(Home)
Huadian City Detention Center Head, Liu Bo: 86-432-6256000 (Office) 86-432-6252052(Office)