(Clearwisdom.net) In July 1993, Master went to Qiqihar to teach the Fa at the invitation of the local qigong association. Many fellow practitioners and I were fortunate enough to attend the classes Master held in Qiqihar. Now 13 years have passed, and Master’s voice and image are still vivid in my mind.

On July 15, Master gave a preview talk on qigong at the Electrical Sector Cultural Center. I, along with a few friends of mine, attended. I was never so elated after hearing that talk, as it seemed all of a sudden I understood everything I had not been able to in my life. Overjoyed, my friends and I practically danced our way back home that day.

We all signed up for the classes the following day. During the days that followed, Master patiently taught the Fa and corrected our exercise movements. Unlike other qigong masters who put on airs if they were surrounded by their followers, Master mingled with practitioners agreeably and was considerate of practitioners’ needs every step of the way. At the time, Master’s exercise video was not available for sale, but we all needed it. The staff at the learning center made some copies and set the price pretty high. When Master learned about it, he disapproved, "This is not right. Our students cannot afford it." So the staff cut the price to a reasonable level before Master nodded his agreement. Master was always all smiles whenever he was with practitioners. Sometimes when we moved tables in preparation for an event, Master would come over and lend a hand. Practitioners never felt distant from Master.

The few days of classes went by quickly. Master was scheduled to leave by train for Beijing on the night of July 23 at around 10:00 p.m. We did not want to let Master go and felt sad. One practitioner and I arrived at the train station at about 9 p.m., planning to see Master off. It was raining, and a few other practitioners came, too. Soon Master and a few staff members arrived in a car. Officials from the local qigong association, who had come to see Master off, too, went to greet Master. After exchanging greetings, Master smiled at us. "It is raining so hard. You don’t need to come," he said

Back then, Dafa books were not available in bookstores, so Master always carried the books wherever he went, for fear that using bulk mail service would take too long. On that day, several big canvas bags of books needed to be taken to Beijing, and they were heavy. The staff was moving them into the station, and Master carried one, too. Seeing that, we hurried over and took the one from Master, and then helped the staff move the rest of the bags. At first, Master would not let us carry the bags into the station, but we insisted as there were too many of them. So Master asked the staff, who were also practitioners, to buy platform tickets for us. We had never bought platform tickets before when we saw people off. Now Master wanted us to have platform tickets, so we should buy them with our own money. But Master was insistent that the staff buy tickets for each one of us.

On board the train, Master immediately asked practitioners to place on the table the experience-sharing papers collected at the end of our classes—there was quite a pile of them! Practitioners working for Master told us, "Each time a class series ends, Master always spends one night carefully reading practitioners’ experience-sharing papers."

After a few moments of amiable talk, Master concluded pertinently, "Right now you are unable to understand what this Fa really is. In a year or two, you will know its value!" Finally Master reminded us, "Make sure to be diligent in doing the exercises and studying the Fa!" The train started to leave, as we, with tears in eyes, waved good-bye to Master. (We did not know to do the heshi gesture of respect to Master back then.)

Looking back at the years that have passed, I feel I have not lived up to Master’s mercy to save us, as I have wasted too much time by not being diligent enough in my cultivation and have made a lot of mistakes. I wish to use this occasion to remind veteran practitioners to recall Master’s words back then, to cherish this opportunity that will not come in 10,000 years, and to not blemish our life histories with an everlasting regret.