(Clearwisdom.net) We appeal to international human rights organizations to investigate the death of Mr. Yang Qiansheng, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Hunan. Medical personnel from the 535 Military Hospital repeatedly drew his blood and removed his bone marrow over a ten-day period at the end of 2000, causing his death.

On the morning of December 13, 2000, Mr. Yang, in possession of Dafa truth-clarifying materials, passed through the train station at Sanxianqiao. Apparently the wind from a passing train was strong enough to knock Mr. Yang to the ground, but the train itself did not hit him. He lost consciousness. Train company employees sent him to the 535 Military Hospital. A medical check revealed a cut on the head, which they closed with three sutures. No life-threatening injuries were detected. Mr. Yang had by then come to and told the medical personnel he was a Falun Gong practitioner and needed no further hospitalization.

Mr. Yang asked the doctor to be discharged on December 14. He was clear-minded and energetic. His request was denied. His wife observed the medical chief and an unidentified person discussing that they wouldn’t let the family member take part in the hospitalization. Mr. Yang refused to have an injection or take medicine. They then bound him to the bed. They pried open his mouth and pinched his nose to feed him the drug. They forcibly injected an unknown substance (pink color with white foam) into his body.

They drew his blood for seven consecutive days, 200 ml each day. Mr. Yang became unable to speak and was in a coma. His face was red. Seeing his suffering, his wife said to the doctor, "You drew his blood without his or his family’s consent. You should stop it. He has no disease. He will leave the hospital at once!"

The doctor said, "He was sent here; consequently, the doctors should make the decision. You shouldn’t interfere! It is not up to you to decide." They then started to draw his bone marrow and did so three times, one drawing every two days. He was placed under anesthetic prior to each bone marrow draw. The family members' presence was denied and they were prevented from entering the door. They could only watch through the door window. Since then he had completely lost consciousness. When he left hospital 40 days later the doctor said, "He shouldn’t fall, otherwise he will die."

Mr. Yang died on February 11, 2001, less than 20 days after he returned home. What was even more incongruous was when Mr. Yang’s friends were holding his funeral procession, several persons in a car came to the village and claimed they wanted to arrest Mr. Yang because he was a Falun Gong practitioner. The villagers said, "Yang Qiansheng has already died. They are holding his funeral procession. If you don’t believe us, you can go have a look on your own." They went there and had a look, pretending that they knew nothing and then left.

Zhongfang County CCP Deputy Secretary in charge of the Political and Judiciary Committee: Zhang Huazhong
Secretary: Chen Yizhang (now he was promoted to Hecheng District CCP member)
County Head: Huang Qianyuan
Deputy Head: He Yongchun, 86-13907452182 (Cell)
Secretary of the County Political and Judiciary Committee: Yang Yingfu
Former Head of the 610 Office: Yang Changgou

The "610 Office" Officer: Lei Jianhua

535 Military Hospital: 86-745-2851787

President: Zhang Chunmin
Commissar: Pang Yongsheng
Bone Treatment Center:86-745-2851813

Head of No.2 Surgical Department: Qi Jiuchang, 86-745-2851813