A medical website report from the Zhongnan Xiangya Hospital states that the hospital has been doing a large amount of organ transplant surgeries. Where did all the organs come from?

On May 14, 2006, its "Comprehensive Medical News" reported, "Our hospital set a new record in organ transplant surgery." "In recent days, our hospital set a new record in organ transplant surgery: it finished two liver transplant surgeries, seven kidney transplant surgeries and eight corneal transplant surgeries. So many transplant surgeries finished in one day indicates that our transplant surgery has reached a brand new stage. It also shows that transplant surgeries have become routine surgeries in our hospital."

Website: http://www.xiangya.comcn/medpro/xyyx/zhyx/2006-05-14/medpro_20060514165311.html (in Chinese)

On September 3, 2005, "Comprehensive Medical News" reported, "Large organ transplant surgeries have become common occurrences." "Beginning at 10 o’clock this morning, there were seven operating rooms running in Zhongnan University Xiangya Hospital. The experts performed seven heart, liver and kidney transplant surgeries, and all the surgeries were completed successfully by 5 o’ clock this afternoon."

Website: http://www.xiangya.comcn/medpro/xyyx/zhyx/2005-09-03/medpro_20050903102227.html (in Chinese)

On June 3rd 2005, "Comprehensive Medical News" reported, "Organ transplants have set a new record." "On May 26th, our hospital hit the peak of the organ transplant surgeries. It finished one liver, six kidney, and eight corneal transplant surgeries. It set a new record for the amount of organ transplant surgeries in one day."

Website: http://www.xiangya.com.cn/medpro/xyyx/zhyx/2005-06-03/medpro_20050603230411.html (in Chinese)


Dalian University Affiliated Xinhua Hospital has performed at least eight heart transplant surgeries

According to the New Economic News, Dalian University's Affiliated Xinhua Hospital had successfully performed eight heart transplant surgeries. With a typical 50uccess rate for such surgeries in China, one can infer that about twice that many operations have been carried out at this hospital.