(Clearwisdom.net) About twenty days before the Chinese New Year in 2005, four young "prisoners" in handcuffs and foot shackles suddenly appeared in one of the rooms on the third floor of the in-patient department of the Tuberculosis Hospital in Fushun City, Liaoning Province. They were tied to the beds. Two policemen inside the hospital room and another two outside watched over them.

During that time a relative of my friend was hospitalised in that hospital. This friend told me about the above situation.

He said that the policemen told other patients and their families in the hospital the following: These four death row prisoners were under twenty years old. The organs on their bodies had been sold. The buyers had paid for the expenses for their stay in the hospital and wanted them to eat well and drink well to have healthier bodies, after which their organs would be removed.

The glass pane on the door of the room where these "death row prisoners" stayed was covered up so that people couldn’t see what was going on inside the room. No one else was allowed to enter the room. They stayed in the hospital for over twenty days.

Near the Chinese New Year’s Day in 2005, at about 2:00 a.m., two vans came and they were taken away with two policemen watching over each "prisoner."