(Clearwisdom.net) Doctor Zhu Mingchun was illegally arrested on January 12, 2004 and was sent to the Wumaping Prison in Leshan, Sichuan Province. With righteous thoughts, he escaped when he was being transferred from the detention center to Wumaping Prison. On January 14, when he went to Jiajiang Train Station, the police again arrested him, and he was brutally beaten. His ankle was seriously injured and he was left disabled.

Doctor Zhu was sent to Wumaping Prison. The guards planned to persecute him by putting him under solitary confinement in the so-called "special training team." When taken to the solitary cell, Dr. Zhu shouted, "I am a Dafa practitioner. I do not belong here." The "special training team" clubbed him and forced him into the solitary cell. Dr. Zhu continued to shout out for justice. Guard He Qingquan in the "special training" team ordered others to throw Dr. Zhu into an ice-cold pool and left him in the water for a long period of time.

After Dr. Zhu was forced into the solitary cell, he often shouted out words of truth and justice. The guards poured a whole basin of cold water on him through the eyelets of the cell. Even if both he and his blanket were soaked, he was not allowed to change clothes. For two months, he wore a thin "special training uniform" and could only sleep for four or five hours at night. His bed was a flagstone with a very thin blanket. The so-called windows were two eyelets on the wall. In the winter the cold wind blew through the eyelets and Dr. Zhu could hardly sleep. The guards often poured cold water through the door and soaked the blanket. The guards used various means to physically persecute Dr. Zhu. He was forced to stand straight with five parts on his body leaned on the wall, forced to "introspect," to stand upside down, to do splits, and to repeatedly put on and take off his clothes. He was also forced to recite the prison regulations and training regulations and was deprived of sleep if he refused to do so. When he had meals, he was forced to cross his legs with his head on the ground. If his head didn’t touch the ground, the guard would step on Dr. Zhu’s back and press his head to the ground. He was given very little food. He had to finish his meal by the time the guard counted to ten. After being mercilessly tortured for two months, Dr. Zhu was covered with wounds and bruises. According to guard He Qingquan’s own words, Zhu Mingchun's body was "completely destroyed" in the solitary cell.

Prisoners in the "special training team" were ordered to follow instructions unconditionally. If anyone refused to follow the instructions, the guards would violently beat him. According to incomplete statistics, at least 100 people in the "special training team" were beaten to death or died of internal injuries. The people who were injured were numerous. In addition to Dr. Zhu Mingchun, over a dozen practitioners including Li Huabin, Liu Lun, Zhao Benyong, Zhu Zhaojie, Yang Shunfa and Gong Wenyou, were persecuted in the training team. Even now, guard Gao Hu sends several practitioners to the training team every night to torture them.

In March 2004, Dr. Zhu Mingchun was sent back to the Miyi Detention Center. The Miyi County Court charged Dr. Zhu with "escaping from prison" and sentenced Dr. Zhu to one and half years of imprisonment. Dr. Zhu was illegally sentenced to a total of nine years of imprisonment. On May 30, 2004, Dr. Zhu was sent to Wumaping Prison again. He was forced to attend brainwashing classes many times during his imprisonment. Currently he is still under close surveillance with specific prisoners assigned to watch him. Guard Gao Hu forced Dr. Zhu and a dozen other practitioners to do formation drills every night despite Dr. Zhu’s injured leg. The practitioners were also forced to work for over 10 hours during the daytime.