I have heard that some married Falun Dafa practitioners are close to divorce. Practitioners who are married to non-practitioners sometimes get divorced because they do not deal well enough with their relationship with their spouse and conjugal love no longer exists between them. Then, as a practitioner, how does one deal with family relationships? Some who have done well in this area have written experience-sharing articles. Here I want to share my understanding of gratitude between husband and wife.

What is gratitude between husband and wife? My understanding is that, as a husband, a man cares for and cherishes his wife. He takes on the responsibilities of a husband in the family. This shows his gratitude towards his wife. As a wife, a woman has concern for and takes care of her husband. She takes on the responsibilities of a wife in the family, which shows her gratitude towards her husband. In ancient times, young couples got married without even having met, however, most of them got along well with each other. Nowadays, young couples freely become friends before they get married, while the ratio of divorce is rather high. Why is this so? It is because in the past, people knew about gratitude between spouses. People nowadays talk too much about love, and do not emphasize morality and responsibility, and neither do they emphasize gratitude. In fact, love is not stable and cannot be relied upon. It is nothing. In order to maintain harmony, morality is necessary. Actually, kindness shows gratitude between the couple, which is related to morality.

The above are my limited understandings. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.