1. Compassionate Teacher is unwilling to give up on any practitioner

I began to study Dafa before July 20, 1999. After the evil persecution started, I gave up my cultivation and fell in with everyday people because of my attachments and the tribulations from my family. The torment of human emotions and suffering from diseases often reminded me of Dafa and, consequently, I constantly wanted to resume my cultivation.

One day in July 2002, I received a link to a Dafa website by e-mail. At that time, I was truly excited and grateful. Teacher was really waiting for me to come back to Dafa! So I downloaded the Dafa books and read them around the clock.

2. Redouble my efforts to compensate the loss and step into cultivation in the Fa-rectification.

After reading the articles Teacher wrote after July 20, 1999, I came to understand that a Dafa practitioner should not only cultivate personally but also clarify the truth and send forth righteous thoughts. I also had some understandings on "a step forward," so I made some flyers and pasted them in the corridors, I posted messages that "Falun Dafa is good" on utility poles and on walls, I introduced methods of breaking through the internet blockage to my friends who had computers, and I downloaded the truth clarification videos for them. At that time, I was a little afraid, but I did not encounter any danger due to Teacher's protection.

In the beginning, I came across a serious tribulation from my family. My whole family objected to my cultivation, and even my spouse wanted to divorce me. Thus, I clarified the truth to them and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the interference of the old forces. I knew that divorce was not arranged by Teacher. So I made a pledge that I would not only continue my cultivation, but also absolutely not divorce. As expected, the matter took a turn for the better. Since then, I have had a good family environment for my cultivation.

3. With righteous thoughts and actions, I keep the material site reliably up and running

Through Teacher's ingenious arrangements, I ran into a practitioner I had known before. After sharing our experiences of cultivation for a little while, he told me that the local practitioners had to get Teacher's articles from other places that took a long time. I said I could read Teacher's new articles on the Internet. After that, a family material site was established with practitioners' support. Now my responsibility is to produce Dafa materials for our area better and better.

In the beginning, I resolved some problems in making materials with some computer knowledge I had learned before. Through continuously studying the Fa and cultivating, I came to understand that it was more important for a practitioner to act with righteous thoughts. So when I encountered problems, I resolved them by sending forth righteous thoughts and studying the Fa rather than using ordinary people's methods. An ink cartridge vendor said that one ink cartridge could only have ink added a few times and then before it wouldn't work anymore. But one ink cartridge of mine still works very well after having ink added over 100 times. Once there was something wrong with my printer. Although I took it all apart, I did not find the problem. I then calmed down to read the Fa toward the printer. The failure disappeared after I finished reading the section, ""

At our material site, the most difficult things are the maintenance of the machines and the replacement of the used elements in the machines. Because my region is remote from major cities, I have to go to the city by bus periodically to buy some machine elements wholesale. I had read some fellow practitioners' articles about their technological problems and their understanding in Dafa on Clearwisdom. With strong righteous thoughts, some practitioners even printed large amounts of truth clarification materials using ink cartridges that had run out of ink. I was quite edified by such cases. Later, I found that a purified mentality and strong righteous thoughts indeed leads to less consumption of machine elements than presumed.

The ink printer that I bought a long time ago still works like a new one, although its life has passed its warranted working period many times. I came to understand that all instruments at the material site are lives and are accumulating their mighty virtue in Fa rectification by getting assimilated to Dafa from their microscopic level to their physical surface. In this sense the machines should work more efficiently as time passes and the normal ideas about the life of machines should no longer apply to them at all. I eliminated all disturbances from the evil seriously with my righteous thoughts and, in the meantime, I looked inward toward myself and tried to remove my human attachments in the way that I saved money and the precious time for Fa rectification to the largest extent.

To guarantee the security of the materials site, I never dare to slack off in my personal cultivation, because I know the materials site is very important. I always try to guarantee time for Fa study and doing the exercises and constantly send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements that try to destroy the materials site.

4. Being diligent nonstop on the way to save more sentient beings

We are already at the last stage of Fa rectification. The evil elements are being eliminated on a large scale, more and more everyday people are waking up, and the environment for cultivation is becoming better and better. Many fellow practitioners have also established family materials sites. My materials site is getting more and more mature. With the newly bought high-speed LaserJet printer, which really saves me much time, I also produced truth clarification booklets and copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and distribute the "Three Withdrawals" statements. My time is really limited. Facing so many sentient beings longing for our salvation, we can fulfill our great prehistoric vows only by cultivating diligently nonstop along the way of Fa-Rectification.