(Clearwisdom.net) On March 17, 2006, five policemen from the 610 Office, the Public Security Bureau and the Judiciary Organizations under the Qinghe Forestry Bureau in Heilongjiang Province drove to the Chaoyi Wood Products Factory in Qinghe City and took away Falun Dafa Practitioner Zhang Chunbo.

The factory director stepped forward on the spot and said to the police, "Zhang Chunbo is an electrician at our factory. He is doing maintenance on the machinery, so he can go to the police station after work." He repeatedly reminded the police that the sanding machine in the factory needed urgent repair. Two of the plainclothes policemen ignored him and broke into the room, and arrested Mr. Zhang without showing any official documents. This caused a wave of anxiety and worry in the factory, as Mr. Zhang is well respected by his peers and supervisors.

Since he started practicing Falun Gong, Zhang Chunbo has conducted himself strictly according to the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. He worked extra hours for the factory and did not seek any reward. In his own spare time, he repaired and maintained the machines for the factory. He offered to repair the electric appliances and bicycles for workers free of charge.

During his detention in the Custodial Station in the Forestry Bureau, the Director of the Bureau Tian Xijun gave the order that Mr. Zhang was to be given only one meal consisting of one steamed bun a day, no visitors would be allowed and he would be denied food and clothing from his family. The Custodial Station allowed the family to send him money because they kept 300f the money for themselves.

The perpetrators from the local security bureau broke into two other Falun Dafa practitioners’ homes and wanted to arrest them on March 17. One of the practitioners was not at home. They raided another practitioner’s home and took him to the security bureau. His family spent 3000 Yuan to get him released. The next day, the police from the Public Security Bureau wanted to arrest him again. He was forced to leave home and go from place to place to avoid further persecution.

Phone numbers of the responsible persons and offices:

Tian Xijun, Director of the Qinghe Forestry Bureau: 86-451-57482377 (home)
Bao Shuhua, the Party Secretary of the Qinghe Forestry Bureau: 86-451-57482102 (office), 86-451-57482614 (home)
Zhang Shaobo, Director of the Public Security Sub-Bureau under the Qinghe Forestry Bureau: 86-451-57482700 (office), 86-451-57483396 (home)
Director, Office of the Public Security Sub-Bureau under the Qinghe Forestry Bureau: 86-451-57482700
Deputy Director Office of the Public Security Sub-Bureau under the Qinghe Forestry Bureau: 86-451-57482126
Gao Fengqin, Director of the 610 Office of the Qinghe Forestry Bureau
Shi Dawei, Policeman
The Police Sub-Station in Qinghe County: 86-451-57482391
The Custodial Station under the Qinghe Forestry Bureau: 86-451-57483581
The Judicial Bureau under the Qinghe Forestry Bureau: 86-451—57483589
Chief Justice Office of the Court under the Qinghe Forestry Bureau: 86-451-57482124
Chief Prosecutor Office of the Procuratorate under the Qinghe Forestry Bureau: 86-451-57482125