(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Lin Shusen, 32 years old, is a Falun Gong practitioner from Beijing. He was originally from Qing’an County, Heilongjiang Province. At the end of April 2005, he was illegally arrested. On January 23, 2006, the Xicheng District Court of Beijing "illegally sentenced" Mr. Lin to five years in prison because "in 2004, Lin used his real name to publish a Minghui/Clearwisdom website article, which revealed the persecution that he and other Falun Gong practitioners in Qianjin Prison suffered." (from "A Beijing Dafa Practitioner's Three Years of Abuse, Mistreatment, and Persecution in the Qianjin Prison," May 14, 2004, on Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Lin appealed, but the appeal was rejected.

At the end of May 2006, Lin Shusen was imprisoned in Beijing's second detention center—Xicheng Detention Center. He has now been transferred to another location. It was said that he was transferred to Daxing Dispatch Center. Currently, his whereabouts are unknown.

On April 28, 2005, after being arrested by policemen including Fang Ge from Xinjieko Police Station in the Xicheng District of Beijing, Lin Shusen started a hunger strike to protest the persecution and illegal detention. The hunger strike has lasted for more than one year. During this period of time, Mr. Lin's family members tried to visit him, but they never had a chance to see him in person. While he was in the Seventh Division of the Beijing Public Security Bureau, Mr. Lin exhibited signs of renal failure due to his long-term hunger strike. Therefore, he was transferred to Beijing Police Hospital for force-feeding. The authorities not only refused to release Lin Shusen, but also lied to his family members and told them that his condition was very good. Therefore, none of his family members knew that he was on a hunger strike.

Before June 14, 2006, Lin Shusen’s family members had lost contact with him for half a month. When his family members contacted the dispatch center and asked for Lin Shusen, a worker told them that there was no such person. However, the responsible person at Xicheng Detention Center was very sure that he was imprisoned at the dispatch center. In general, the dispatch center should inform a prisoner’s family members within five days after a prisoner arrives. Currently, more than two weeks have gone by since the family last heard from Lin Shusen.

From 2001 to 2003, Mr. Lin was persecuted in Qianjin Prison located in Tianjin. He was forced to run around a basketball court 100 times per day. His energy was drained from being handcuffed with his arms behind his back. He was made to sit on a small stool, which was only 10 centimeters high, for 15 to 16 hours per day. He was deprived of sleep for 15 consecutive days. He was shocked by 11 electric batons at the same time. He was forced to wear "strait jackets" and was tied on the death bed for seven months. Finally, he was tortured for seven months—until he became mentally disordered. Officials used the article, "A Beijing Dafa Practitioner's Three Years of Abuse, Mistreatment, and Persecution in the Qianjin Prison" as "evidence" to sentence Lin Shusen to prison.

Related agencies:

Daxing Dispatch Center: 86-10-60276582, 86-10-60278855 ext. 8011
Director of Xicheng Detention Center in Beijing, Zhang Baoli
Beijing Police Hospital: 86-10-65133377 (can transfer to the Director’s office and Internal Medicine Department)

Qianjin Prison

Chief of the first group: Liu Chengshan
Chief of the ninth group: Cao Lihua
Chief of the twelfth group: Chen Jun
Deputy Warden in charge of persecuting Falun Gong: Cheng HuijianXicheng Police Station in Beijing: 86-10-83995110
The Second Detention Center of Beijing (Dougezhuang): 86-10-87395164, 86-10-87395163
Xinjieko Police Station in Xicheng District, Beijing: 86-10-62253861, 86-10-62253891
Xicheng Detention Center in Beijing: 86-10-80723322
Xicheng Police Station: 86-10-83995169
Guards for the sixth group of Qianjin Prison: Liu Boquan, Guard Xu, Chief Cai
People’s Police of Xicheng District, Beijing: Fang Ge