Mr. Liu Hongyi, 55 years old, was a peasant from Wanlong Village in the Qiezihe District of Qitaihe City, Heilongjiang Province. He began to cultivate Falun Dafa at the end of 1998. He was sentenced to forced labor by officials from the Qiezihe Police Station in 2000. He was brainwashed in Suihua Forced Labor Camp. For a long time, he lived in fear and guilt, and his spirit was greatly weakened. In 2002, he was again sentenced to one year of forced labor. He was released unconditionally after he went without food and water for 17 days to resist the persecution. However, whenever a politically "sensitive day" arrived, the local police and 610 Office personnel often went to his house to harass him, and he was made to suffer physically and mentally. He was diagnosed with rectal cancer at the end of 2004. In March 2005, he was again illegally arrested by the Taoshan police. He was detained for seven days and released because he was so frail. After going through severe tribulations for three months, he was still often threatened by the local police and the street committee personnel. He passed away on April 7, 2006.

Mr. Luo Xuemin, 53 years old, was a peasant from Huangdi Village, Xinlitun Town, Heishan County, Liaoning Province. Before he started practicing Falun Gong, he had severe pain in his back. After he started practicing Falun Dafa in1997, he was very strict about following the requirements to be a good person according to "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance." His back pain disappeared very quickly. In 2002, Mr. Luo was taken away by the policemen from Heshan. He was detained at the Heshan Detention Center for nearly a month. His firm belief in Dafa did not waver, even while the policemen beat and cursed him. He was released after being fined over 20, 000 yuan by the Heishan County Police Department. After he was released, his family members monitored him, and CCP representatives threatened and interfered with him so much that he did not have time to study the Fa or do the exercises. His back pain recurred in June 2005. He became disabled and could not get up. He died on December 7, 2005, after he had been tortured for half a year.

Practitioner Mr. Yu Zhenyong, 57 years old, worked at the Shuangyang Oil Refinery Factory of the Jilin Oil Management Bureau. He started to practice Falun Dafa in 1996. Ever since the persecution began in 1999, he and his wife have experienced interference and persecution at the hands of personnel from his company and the police. They often searched his house, arrested his wife and detained her, and stopped paying their salaries. This persecution put enormous pressure on Mr. Yu. In 2000, he had a stroke and consequently suffered from hemiplegia. Even with Mr. Yu in this condition, the authorities did not let up on him. They illegally detained him for 15 days in March 2002. After continuous interference and persecution by the evil throughout the years, he suddenly suffered a heart attack and died on February 24, 2006.

Ms. Li Xiuqin, 63 years old, was a practitioner from Heilinzi Town, Yushu City, Jilin Province. After July 20, 1999, she went to Changchun and Beijing to clarify the truth. At the beginning of March 2003, while on her way to another practitioner's home, she was "illegally arrested" and sent to Yushu City Police Station. She did not cooperate with and was released on the same day. After that, on any of the politically "sensitive days," policemen from Heilinzi police station would go to her house to threaten and interfere with her. On April 6, 2006, three police officers from Heilinzi Police Station raided her house once more and threatened her. They could not find any Dafa material. When the police tried to force her to curse Master, she refused. Ms. Li was placed under great duress and could not study the Fa or do the exercises. She suddenly acquired an illness and died on May 10.

Under orders of the National security group, headed by Zhang Deqing, Heilinzi Police Station agents searched the homes of 14 to 15 practitioners and arrested three people. One child was released and the other two practitioners, Cong Yuhua and Xiao Shuyan, were "illegally sentenced" to forced labor. This represents yet another illegal act on the part of the Yuchu City police, following the deaths of practitioners Li Shuhua and Li Fengqin, who died as a result of their persecution.

Police officers from Heilinzi police station: Xu Dawei, Yan Guowei, Li Wei, and Meng Fandong