(Clearwisdom.net) I recently learned that Zhou Yongkang, one of the main criminals responsible for persecuting Dafa practitioners, called a secret meeting in Tieling City, Liaoning province. This reminded me that when I was detained at the Dalian Forced Labor Camp, I heard the people guarding me say that they had given up on those steadfast practitioners who would not follow orders. They sent them to Guanshan Forced Labor Camp in Tieling.

The camp is located on a rock collecting field. The conditions are extremely severe and dangerous, and the work is very hard. Injury or fatal accidents occur frequently. As soon as someone is sent there, the guard would meet him with a shovel handle, beating him from the gate all the way to the building area. When someone dies there, they would report it as an accident and no one would investigate any further. The Dalian Forced Labor Camp delivers people to them from time to time. Each person brought there would earn the detention facility 800 yuan. People in the camp felt a chill whenever this place is mentioned. Because few people were ever released from this place and the news was blocked, few of their criminal acts are exposed. It was said that the place was under the authority of the Forced Labor Bureau of Liaoning Province Judicial Division. Ahead of May 1st, a sensitive political date, Zhou Yongkang, the head of the Ministry of Public Security went to Tieling City. The place is a mining area with many abandoned mines. It is a small city close to Shenyang, and Sujiatun (the location where live organ harvesting has been reported). I hope that people with access to this area will monitor it closely and send reports if any new activities related to the persecution are initiated.